6 Major Factors that are Affecting Internet Speed

The Internet has now become an important necessity in today’s modern and advanced era. So the need for the Internet is increasing, so is the speed to access the internet itself, because with a stable internet speed will make activities in accessing the Internet become more convenient.

This certainly makes many competing providers promote or offer their products with a variety of ease and speed in accessing the Internet. But the Buddy also needs to know that in his preview, the speed they offer is not absolutely the same, which means that there are several factors that affect that speed. What are the factors? Read more below.

6 Major Factors that are Affecting Internet Speed


The first is the computer, as we know the specifications of the computer we have also affect the speed in accessing the Internet, the better the specs the better the Internet connection we get.

2. Bandwidth

Bandwidth is also one factor that affects Internet speed, Bandwidth is called as the maximum speed used to transmit data between computers in a network. So the point is that the bigger the Bandwidth then the greater the speed that the user receives, so does the opposite.

3. Applications

The app you use also affects your Internet speed as you browse. Buddy can use a lot of recommended browser applications such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer 8, Opera and others, which can certainly maximize the speed of the Internet when browsing.

4. Multiple users in one Server

A common factor that is often natural users are the number of users in one server and access the Internet at the same time, this is what leads to low internet speed because of the access speed that is divided into other users.

5. Data Security

Using data security also affects the speed when accessing the Internet, namely when we input data from the local computer to the server computer on the Internet (Upload) and also when retrieving data from the Internet (Download). So buddy should know whether the ISP used to use data security or not.

6. Type of Internet connection used

The sixth factor is the type of Internet connection used, as we know there are several types of Internet connection commonly used in Indonesia, these types of connections have the advantages and disadvantages of each in terms of Internet speed. The following types of Internet connection are commonly used in Indonesia:

  • Dial-Up: Is the type of Internet connection obtained through a home telephone cable connection with a regular modem.
  • ADSL: This type of connection is the same as Dial-Up, but it uses an ADSL modem and its speed is superior to Dial-Up.
  • Wireless: The type of connection obtained through the wireless network, the network is also faster compared to the ADSL modem.
  • GPRS: This connection is obtained from a modem car or a GSM and CDMA phone modem. This connection is not very fast compared to the ADSL modem.

Well, that’s the review of 6 factors affecting the speed when accessing the Internet. Thanks for visiting apkghost.com

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