7 Ways to Solve PUBG Mobile Errors 100% Working Latest (2020)

Bugs in mobile game apps like PUBG can indeed happen. This is normal because almost all Android games, iOS and PC games are also sure to have errors in them that are indicative of game performance such as crashes, sudden stops, lag, unlockable, stuck, and other complaints.

This Bug could have been felt from the game application that has not been done update or not even recently updated version.

The problem of bugs on PUBG games is not without the solution, you as an online multiplayer battleground player This one can solve the PUBG bug problem by implementing some simple tricks like the ones that will be reviewed below.


How to solve the latest PUBG Update Errors?

There are a few options ways that you can try to implement a problem to solve a pubg game that has an impact on the performance of bad games.

Among these ways is to restart the phone, clear pubg cache, Force PUBG to stop, delete pubg data, update PUBG to the latest version, reinstall PUBG on HP, and reset PUBG to its default version.

Fix PUBG Bug with Restart HP

The first trick option for solving a gap in a PUBG game is to reset your phone via the available restart menu. This simple way is very easy and effective for solving light-weight errors in the war games.

Delete Cache

Whenever playing PUBG the system will record and save its tracks in cache file. The increasingly stacked cache warehouse will make the apk heavier and indicate errors when they are run.

In order for this to be resolved, you can familido it by clearing the game’s cache through the settings menu, by going to after > > Application > > PUBG Mobile > > Delete Cache and then reloading your phone and rerun the game.

Forced stop

The next option is to force the game to stop going through the settings in the PUBG game, by going to after >> Application >> Force stop. After doing this, wait a minute and then run the game again.

Clear data

In resolving the crack problem in PUBG that resulted in the game’s error can also be deleted by deleting the PUBG data on your Android phone through the settings in the game.

Please go to after > > Application > PUBG Mobile > > delete data. Here you just delete data and not a PUBG game on Android HP.

Update the PUBG version

If a bug in a PUBG game is still disturbing you while playing the battlegrounds, it’s possible that the game version will want to be updated to the latest version. For that, you’ll need to update the PUBG version through Google Play for a lost pubg gap and there are additional new features in the game.

Reinstall PUBG

Or you can also solve the PUBG bug by repairing the apk of the game so that the errors in PUBG no longer bother you playing.

You can do this by first deleting the existing PUBG APKs on your phone and then re-installing them via Google Play and logging in to the game with a previous PUBG account.

Default Settings

Then for a choice of how to solve the next PUBG bug is to reset the game to default or default factory settings. It’s just that it’s potentially missing all of the game’s data including photos, videos and more.

Therefore, you have to back up the data first before applying this trick.

The way the default PUBG setting is to go to > > Settings > System > Reset. Let the system restart your phone, then re-install PUBG through Google Play.

That’s how to solve PUBG Mobile Error tutorial-like can not open, stuck in loading and so on. Hopefully useful.

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