The 3 Best Digital Piano For Beginners (Review)

Your child wants to learn to play the piano and you need one for beginner? Do you need a keyboard with stand or an upright piano? Do you want to buy a digital piano at a good price?

Don’t panic, I have several piano to show you!

If you answered yes to any of these questions, I bring you this beginner’s digital piano buying guide, based on my research and personal experience.

You are looking for a digital piano but do not know what to choose. At first it was the same and I hesitated a lot before I made up my mind. I present to you the 3 best Beginner Digital Piano I have found.

There are all kinds. I have a preference for the Classic Cantabile DP 50 digital piano but it’s a grand upright piano because I have room and here are some other models that might work for you if you have less room!

Top 10 Best Beginner Digital Piano

A digital piano allows to start the piano for less money and less space than a (traditional) upright piano. It is useful if you have less space and budget because you can store it after use (depending on the model). There are many kinds of digital piano with different qualities and functions.

Therefore, you have to make a choice among all available models. You will have to take into account several aspects before making a final choice. We will help you so take the time to read the guide below.

Top 3: Which digital piano to buy for beginners?

To start, I suggest you discover our 3 favorite pianos. You will undoubtedly choose one of them.

Comparison of the 3 Best Beginner Digital Piano

Summaries of the 3 digital pianos in our comparison.

1- Yamaha PSR F51 : The best inexpensive beginner digital piano

Yamaha PSR-F51 - Electronic Keyboard with 61 Keys - Portable Musical Instrument - Simple to Use - Ideal for Beginners - Black

Yamaha pianos have largely conquered the piano field, there are a lot of them and for good reason, they are of excellent quality. So difficult to make a top without offering a Yamaha piano!

This Yamaha digital piano has 61 keys and is therefore intended for beginners. Indeed a “classical” piano has 88! But for starters, trust me, you won’t be using them all. You have to start one day and this type of keyboard is ideal because it is very affordable in terms of price, and above all transportable and storable. Let me explain: With this small-sized piano, you won’t need to buy a stand or desk for the stand, you can just put it on a table or desk, and then once the practice is finished you can put it away until the next session. In addition, you will have no trouble lifting it because it weighs only 3.4 kg.

This compact piano has a built-in metronome which allows you to be in rhythm during exercises and thus over time to obtain what is called the sense of rhythm. I remember when I started the metronome was essential for me to respect the times and play the note at the right time, then over the years I used it less and less until today where I only use it before starting a song to soak up the famous “tic tac” and then I cut it to play while having the rhythm in my head.

In short, a Yahama piano at this price for this quality, you can’t refuse!


  • the quality is at the rendezvous
  • light piano
  • compact
  • metronome
  • works with 6 R6 batteries or on mains
  • cheap to start


  • cannot connect it to the computer
  • 61 keys, not suitable for experienced pianists

Yamaha PSR-F51 – Electronic Keyboard with 61 Keys – Portable Musical Instrument – Easy to Use – Ideal for Beginners – Black *

  • Get started with ease with the PSR-F51 keyboard: it can be used intuitively without having to read the manual – Choose a tone and an accompaniment: it’s that easy!
  • Very easy to use, this keyboard has 61 keys, 100 tones and 120 styles – With a wide variety of traditional tones and from around the world
  • Discover the advantages of the Duo mode which allows two users to play at the same time – Thus, the student can reproduce the example of his teacher – Ideal for learning!
  • This instrument for beginners – children and adults – is equipped with a headphone jack and an auxiliary output combined / Autonomous, the PSR-F51 also works on batteries
  • Delivery: 1 x Yamaha PSR-F51 digital keyboard / With 61 keys / Musical instrument with integrated metronome / Music stand for sheet music and user manual included

2- Alesis Recital Pro: The best value for money digital piano for beginners

First point to note compared to the Yamaha, this digital piano has 88 keys. The catch of this beginner piano is that it has a whole range of educational tools at its disposal, namely: Lesson mode (divides the piano into 2 zones for the same voice / pitch, recording mode to listen to you again and improve yourself, and 3 free months of online courses to start off on a good basis.

Several connections are available to allow you to personalize your piano but above all to improve the sound reproduction. So there is a socket for headphones, a socket to add a pedal and finally a socket to connect to a mixer or your computer. I personally like plugging the piano into the computer to add some drumming in the background or to send it to friends in digital format so they can hear my progress.

The Alesis Recital Pro digital piano is battery-powered but has a place to put 6 batteries in it and be able to play it anywhere, even without an electrical outlet nearby! I already see you on a beach with your friends, or around a campfire, it’s up to you! Note that it is less than 12 kg so it is still transportable.

This piano is ideal for beginners especially if you have a quick learning ability. Indeed the 88 keys allow to progress without changing the piano so far (compared to the Yamaha which has 61 keys).


  • 88 keys (traditional piano)
  • headphone output (or amplifier, recorder …)
  • good sound quality
  • touch mechanical hammers
  • educational tools


  • no support provided to place the piano
  • no pedal

Alesis Recital PRO – Digital Piano with 88-Key Hammer-Action Keyboard, 12 Premium Voices, Built-in Speakers, Headphone Output and Educational Features *

  • Full-featured digital piano – Authentic size 88-key electronic keyboard with touch-sensitive hammer action and adjustable to suit your preferred playing style
  • Premium sounds – 12 voices (among which: acoustic piano, electric piano, organ, synth and bass), built-in effects (Chorus, Reverb), two built-in 20W speakers for powerful sound
  • One 6.35mm input for a Sustain pedal (not included), one 6.35mm stereo headphone output for silent practice, and RCA stereo outputs for connecting to speakers / amplifiers
  • Play the piano anywhere you go – Powered by the included AC adapter or six D-type batteries (not included) for professional performance anywhere
  • Educational features – Standard, Split, Layer or Lesson modes with maximum polyphony of 128 notes and 3 months premium subscription to Skoove for interactive online expert lessons

3- Classic Cantabile DP 50: The best high-end digital piano

Classic Cantabile DP-50 SM Digital Piano Black, with piano bench, headphones

The Classic Cantabile piano looks great with its beautiful dress, its beautiful wooden seat too and its sublime frame to complete the whole. (there is a top version in white (lacquered white). beautiful and design!) This piano is perfect for beginners as well as for those who already have a mastery of the instrument.

If you are a beginner, I advise you to buy it only if you are sure you want to invest yourself in the learning because besides the cost, if you have some doubts that persist, maybe a piano a a little less expensive will be better suited to see if you feel ready to spend some time on it.

A notorious fact about this black digital piano, it works with hammers unlike the first prize, which gives it a touch very close to a real piano and allows you to feel the piano, to moderate our touch, etc …

Of course it has all the connections you will need and even 2 audio jacks for headphones if you want to share with another person without making noise.

I myself took my first steps on this type of piano (not this same model since it was 24 years ago … when I was 6, outch) and I must admit that it allowed me to progress very well even with 5 brothers and sisters in the house running, playing, shouting around me thanks to the headphones and the volume control.


  • a complete piano
  • helmet + seat provided
  • hammer-touch digital piano
  • the “natural” texture


  • you must buy an adapter that is not provided for the helmet

Classic Cantabile DP-50 SM Digital Piano Black, with piano bench, headphones *

  • 88 hammer-action and Touch Response keys. Max polyphony: 32 times
  • 14 Voices, 13 Effects, Layer-, Split-, Twin-Piano-, Local MIDI
  • Recording, USB audio / MIDI interface and two headphone jacks, metronome, three pedals, speakers
  • Dimensions (H x W x D) Piano: 85cm x 137cm x 44cm, Piano weight: about 51kg (including package.), Color: matte black
  • Includes power supply, piano bench and headphones

Buying Guide: How Do I Pick a Beginner’s Digital Piano?

Did this top 3 help you find the model you need?

How to choose a digital piano

Classic Cantabile DP-50 SM Digital Piano Black, with piano bench, headphones

Choosing a good digital piano is like choosing a good restaurant, choosing one that meets our expectations. My personal choice fell on an upright piano (whole) because I prefer it to be fixed. I love to see the piano in the room and I find an upright piano model to have more charm than a keyboard alone on a stand, but that’s my need and yours may be different depending on your home setup and your needs and desires.

On the market you will find many pianos of many different sizes and design types, but not all do the same. Before choosing it, it is important that you take into consideration certain characteristics such as dimensions.


Who is going to use the piano and for what purpose? Is he only a beginner? a child or an adult? to play or to train? We have to think about it now.

Material type

There are plastic and wooden pianos, to each his own.


Digital pianos last a relatively long time if you don’t tap them. Count on several dozen years without worries.

It’s a long-term buy. So you will want a piano that you can play on depending on the player’s potential development. Avoid the first prizes of unpronounceable or unknown Chinese brands that are a lottery regarding quality. You just have to come across a bad lot to be in trouble. Take a minimum of quality even if your budget is limited.


It will depend on where you put it, but choose a piano that can sit where you plan to put it. Measure out the maximum space available in your home and grab a 61-key small piano if you’re too cramped and might be enough for a child.

There are upright pianos (with hooked feet) and pianos without support or removable support. Stands can be adjusted in height and upright pianos seats can be adjusted in height, but upright pianos cannot. Do you plan to play sitting or standing in an orchestra? check the dimensions anyway.

The accessories

Digital pianos can be sold with or without accessories.

We find as accessories, the headset to play without disturbing the other members of the family and without disturbing the neighbors in the evening.

As a function or option, there are headphone rests, headphone outputs, headphones, piano stands, seats, sustain pedals, etc. Pianos are all very different and not everything is suitable for everyone.

Also think about piano note stickers if you are just starting out. You will find this model on Amazon inexpensively to promote learning.

Belfort®️ Stickers for piano notes + keyboard for 49 | 61 | 76 | 88 keys + free ebook | premium complete kit for black + white keys | do-re-mi-fa-sol-la-si | French instructions

Upright piano or piano with stand

In addition to giving you a feeling of well-being, the piano can in some cases be stored after use so as not to clutter up a room. Indeed, a digital piano takes up space and it may be important for you to be able to put it away after use. From experience, a piano with stand can easily be stored in a large closet or laundry room.

If you have the space, choosing an upright piano is more comfortable. Indeed, you can quickly install yourself there without unfolding the support or getting on all fours to reconnect the keyboard to the power outlet.

Digital piano support

Rockjam Xfinity Doublebraced Pre Assembled Highly Adjustable Keyboard Stand with Locking Straps

The model we recommend

Do not get lost in your choice on the internet. There are far too many models to choose from. If you want a safe value and suitable for beginner use but you want to keep over time, and that you have room, we recommend the model below which is for sale on Amazon and which is one of the best digital pianos for beginners around.

Classic Cantabile DP-50 SM Digital Piano Black, with piano bench, headphones


Classic Cantabile DP-50 SM Digital Piano Black, with piano bench, headphones *

  • 88 hammer-action and Touch Response keys. Max polyphony: 32 times
  • 14 Voices, 13 Effects, Layer-, Split-, Twin-Piano-, Local MIDI
  • Recording, USB audio / MIDI interface and two headphone jacks, metronome, three pedals, speakers
  • Dimensions (H x W x D) Piano: 85cm x 137cm x 44cm, Piano weight: about 51kg (including packaging.), Color: matte black
  • Includes power supply, piano bench and headphones


With these three pianos, you have the opportunity to unleash your artistry and your talent at the same time. Depending on your needs, one of the three matches you and will know how to seduce you.

I also recommend the following piano method, it is the one I used (or rather my piano teacher used) so that I can progress during my first year of learning. It is not young but the method is excellent and still relevant.

Of these 3 pianos, I prefer the Classic Cantabile because I wanted a stationary piano with a bench because I have room to leave the piano in sight without having to put it away.

Playing the piano relaxes me after work. It gives me pleasure and allows me to decompress.

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