Best PUBG Mobile Pro Player Sensitivity Settings

For some PUBG players, the sensitivity setting is important, including one for PUBG Mobile players. That’s because the sensitivity setting will greatly affect the winning percentage in the Battle Royal game. The more appropriate PUBG sensitivity setting then the player will be more comfortable in playing because all devices support game performance. How to do the easiest settings by customizing the pro player players from PUBG Mobile. One of the most famous PUBG Mobile players is the BiuBiu. The following will be reviewed the PUBG sensitivity setting of the pro player PUBG BiuBiu.

PUBG is one of the most popular games, especially for millennial generations. This game is very interesting because it allows for Playernya to play with friends in a battleground. To win the game, each gamer must survive the enemy attacks within a certain period of time. This Game has even become a globally contested E-Sports. And BiuBiu is one of PUBG Mobile’s pro player games. For those of you who want to emulate PUBG Mobile’s pro player settings, then you can read this review until it’s finished as we will share as detailed as possible.


Best sensitivity settings: Pro Player PUBG Mobile BiuBiu version

PUBG Mobile BiuBiu’s Pro version of your player-sensitivity settings will make it easier for each player to win the game. These sensitivity settings include camera sensitivity, Groyscope and ads sensitivity settings.

By emulating the pro player settings, it is guaranteed that your game is more fluent, but it should be noted by you also if the Specification smartphone is also very influential in giving you the convenience of playing this game.

With it, each gamer will be easier to kill each enemy in order to win each match. No longer lingering, here’s a review of the best PUBG gaming sensitivity settings Pro player BiuBiu.

Camera Sensitivity setting

The first thing that is mandatory in setting is camera sensitivity. The camera will determine your point of view in finding enemies and observing its movements. Therefore, the camera menu must be set to make the angle of view wider and more comfortable.

With it automatically, the chances of winning the game become larger. This is what pro Flash players notice from PUBG Mobile. Here is the PUBG Mobile sensitivity setting from the camera side of the Pro Player version of PUBG Mobile BiuBiu.

  • First Person No Scope 150%
  • Third Person No Scope 180%
  • Red Dot Scope, Holographic, Aim Assist as much as 50%
  • Scope 2 X 70%
  • Scope 3 X as much as 25%
  • Scope 4 X as much as 26%
  • Scope 6 X as much as 20%
  • Scope 8 X as much as 16%

The camera’s sensitivity setting above can be your guide in configuring your smartphone. The precision in determining the sensitivity of the camera will get you the best point of view when you are aiming at enemies, monitoring enemy movements, and shooting enemies remotely. This factor should be considered for each gamers because gamers pro players even consider it to win the game.

ADS Sensitivity setting

In addition to the camera side, PUBG Game sensitivity settings are quite important to configure the ads sensitivity setting. Doing settings Ads sensitivity will have a significant impact on the targeting process.

You will feel a striking difference especially when using some weapons such as DP 28 guns, AKM guns, as well as M416 guns. For that, immediately configure the ads sensitivity setting. Here is the PUBG Mobile sensitivity setting from the Ads Pro Player version of PUBG Mobile BiuBiu.

  • First Person No Scope 88%
  • Third Person No Scope 100%
  • Red Dot Scope, Holographic, Aim Assist as much as 51%
  • Scope 2 X 51%
  • Scope 3 X as much as 35%
  • Scope 4 X 35%
  • Scope 6 X as much as 18%
  • Scope 8 X as much as 30%

The above ads sensitivity configuration you can emulate when setting up in PUBG Mobile games. The high and low sensitivity of ads will greatly affect the player’s shot to the enemy. When it is too sensitive, it often misses and does not target.

This will be more pronounced when you are getting weapons in particular DP 28, weapon AKM, and others. So adjust ads sensitivity to make it easier for you to win the game and earn chicken dinner.

Gryoscope Sensitivity setting

One more thing that you need to settings is the Groyscope sensitivity setting. This gryscope is actually not mandatory for every PUBG Mobile player to use. But the world’s pro players use it because Gryscope will be very helpful in shooting enemies.

Gryscope can also make guns not vibrate when firing bullets. The following will be reviewed on the Groyscope sensitivity configuration to the best player version of PUBG Mobile BiuBiu Pro Player.

  • First Person No Scope 101%
  • Third Person No Scope 100%
  • Red Dot Scope, Holographic, Aim Assist as much as 115%
  • Scope 2 X 140%
  • Scope 3 X as much as 140%
  • Scope 4 X 140%
  • Scope 6 X 110%
  • Scope 8 X 50%

The above Gryoscope sensitivity setting is a Groyscope configuration setting of the PUBG Mobile BiuBiu Pro Player. Experience and flying hours of a pro player certainly need no doubt. Therefore, one of the easiest ways to obtain the best Groyscope sensitivity settings can be done by adopting from a pro player. But you need to know that using Gryscope is not easy, you have to practice special first.

Some factors to look for in PUBG Mobile sensitivity Settings

PUBG Mobile’s sensitivity setting above is PUBG Mobile’s pro player setting so that its effectiveness is tested. But come back to you as every PUBG Mobile player has a lot of different playing styles. Therefore, consider the factors. In addition, the size of the smartphone also affects because the screen sizes of 5.5 inches, 6.4 inches, and 10 inches will be different.

That’s the PUBG Mobile sensitivity setting of the PUBG Mobile BiuBiu Pro Player. Using the sensitivity setting Pro player will make you comfortable in playing. It will automatically make each player easy to win the game. Therefore, do not hesitate to use the setting and feel the chicken dinner in every game. But keep in mind in playing PUBG Mobile games because in principle game play is only limited to entertainment and not to confiscate a lot of time especially for your students.

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