Diamond Pang App: Get ML and FF Diamonds

Beramain game is the most effective way to eliminate the feeling of saturation, but lately playing games can also be a promising source of income, especially for those who are already pro, they can join the tournaments that are held many times today. Almost all games are currently online based, so we can mabar along with other players.

The choice of games today is also very varied, you can define yourself the genre you want to play, some of the popular and widely played games are now including Free Fire, PUBG Mobile, Call of Dutty and Mobile Legends. The game can be said to be the best selling in the homeland.

To be able to win in-game matches for the time being Mobile Legends or Free Fire, then we need to strategize to face the enemy, besides we can also maximize the character that we play by buying bundles and skins.

We can buy the item by using diamonds or diamond, which to get this diamond you can complete the mission or do a top up, but now there is one application that can be an alternative for us to get Diamond is Diamond Pang apk. The application that can be said is quite new this does give us a curiosity whether this application can give us a free diamond, how it works and what games support this application, for that you can listen to reviews about Diamond Pang APK that we will discuss this.


What is Pang Diamond Apk?

Almost all games currently use the diamond in order to optimize the game of the player, because it is now a lot of born a platform that offers free diamond, in the past itself there are prize that we can rely upon to get a free diamond, the way from Diamond Pang is almost the same as Prize, namely we will get the code where we can share it to our friends, when our friend joins and enters the code then we’ll get points.

The points collected through this application can be redeemed in Pang Diamond game or redeem with diamond games such as Free Fire, Mobile Legends, PUBG Mobile and Call of Dutty. So through this application you do not need to think of the top up in order to buy items in the game that we have mentioned earlier.


Download Diamond Pang APK Latest Version for Android

For those of you who feel lazy to share the code and ask your friend to install this application via our invitation code then you can try this Diamond Pang MoD apk, which by using this application you get points, so it can directly exchange with your diamond game.

Whether this application works or not, then you can try it yourself because we also get this file from a source that is not quite certain the truth. And for those of you who want to download this application via Play store then you can download it via the following link:

Version Info

NameDiamond Pang
DeveloperMilar Cross
Size10 MB
Last updatedMay 01, 2020

How to Install on Android?

To install this Diamond Pang MoD apk can be said to be very simple and easy, and can follow the following ways:

  • First Download Diamond Pang above
  • Next, you can open the storage folder and open the APK file that we downloaded earlier
  • If there are notifications related to security because installing applications outside Play store then you can allow or allow
  • The install process will run and you just have to wait until you finish
  • After that, you can open and register using Gmail account

That’s where the steps to install the Diamond Pang MoD apk, and for those of you who are looking for diamond code pang This, then you can see it below.

Pang Diamond Redeem Code

To get points in this app itself is really easy that when you enter your friend’s Redeem invitation code then automatically your point will be increased by ten, for this we provide some redeem code that you can input.

  • U1GZSY
  • ONFT6A

For how to enter the redeem code above it is very easy that you just choose the three striped menu found in the left corner and select the “Redeem Code” menu afterwards you can enter the available columns and select “Ok”.

How to earn points?

To get points on this app there are a few ways that you can share your own invitation code with your friends and also by completing missions that you can work with.

The more people who use our code and the more we accomplish the mission, the bigger the points will be, so we can redeem them with our diamond games.
How to redeem points with Diamond or UC

If the point that we have already got enough, then the next step is to immediately redeem the diamond, how? You can follow the steps as follows:

  • First, you can open this Pang diamond app
  • You can then choose the menu Shop
  • Choose the diamond game you want to redeem with your point
  • For example, we choose the game Free Fire
  • Select the number of diamonds and then you can enter your account player ID

For a sold out item means you can’t redeem the item, for that you can choose another amount.


Here we just want to share the trick only, whether this application can give a diamond or not then we leave to you to try it for yourself, after which you can share your experience using this application through the comments field that we have provided.

Maybe quite a few of the reviews we can share related to Diamond Pang mod apk, good luck.

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