FMWhatsApp APK 8.95 Download Latest (Anti-Ban)

Here is the guide to download FMWhatsApp APK Latest version for android devices. It was developed by Fouad Mokdad founder of Fouad Mods. Get Official APK from our site below.

Advancements in this era of digitalisation are now making each person change how they interact with each other. Now everyone prefers to communicate using the media. One of the widely used media to communicate with each other is WhatsApp.

WhatsApp app is now the mainstay of everyone to interact with each other. Although the app is a mainstay but many people are complaining because the WhatsApp app still has limitations. As a result, there are developers who develop mod applications from WhatsApp. And from some quite popular is FMWhatsapp. For those of you who are not familiar with the following MoD applications will be reviewed specifically for you.

fmwhatsapp apk download latest anti ban

What is FMWhatsapp APK?

It is possible for some of you yet regarding this application version mod FMWhatsapp. But the presence of the application mod this one is long enough to date already a lot of updates or updates.

This mod version of WhatsApp app has many advantages such as higher level of security, make it easier to share files, has a more varied theme, to have the function of cloning WhatsApp. It makes this mod app much in demand by many people. For those of you who want to use should find out in advance about this FMWhatsapp information. Here is the information specifically for you.

Application Mod FMWhatsapp is a WhatsApp application developed by Fouad Mokdad and has a lot of mainstay features so we can feel the features that we did not get in the original version.

That’s some information about FMWhatsapp APK. Before installing and downloading the application then you should see the specifications of the smartphone used. Specifications that do not meet the minimum needs will make the application not running smoothly. Therefore, customize the smartphone used according to the minimum needs of the WhatsApp mod application.

Once you have ensured that the smartphone specifications correspond to the needs of the application then the next step is to download and install the latest FMWhatsapp application. It’s quite easy and practical to do. For those of you who do not know and want to do the process then the following will be given a tutorial on how to download, install, to use the application FMwhatsapp.

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APK Details

DeveloperFouad Mokdad
Size50 MB
Last updatedSeptember 05, 2021

Download FMWhatsapp APK Latest Version (Anti-Ban) for Android

For those of you who want to get various interesting features of this application then you can download this official FMWhatsapp apk, because it is a lot of interesting features, you can just download the file below.

The new experience of using WhatsApp will be very pronounced when you install this app.

If you want to download iOS looking app, then we recommend RAWhatsApp iOS Edition


There are a lot of features that we can get when using this mod WA, namely as follows:

  • More Theme Options
  • Can lock apps
  • Download Friend status
  • Can change the shape of emoji
  • Can remove blue tick
  • Can send messages without saving contacts
  • Can organize contacts that can call us
  • Hide our status from friends
  • Anti Delete Status
  • Anti-ban
  • Messages that have been sent to us cannot be deleted by the sender

Apart from what we have mentioned earlier, there are many other mainstay features that we can use when installing this fmwhatsapp.

How to Install FMWhatsApp APK on Android?

  • Enter the settings menu of your smartphone
  • Select the Security menu option
  • Check the unknown sources section to be able to activate
  • Search for an official FM WhatsApp file installation in File Manager
  • Open the app and perform the installation process
  • Click the Agree menu option
  • Next, there will pop up again then click Continue
  • Enter your home country information
  • Enter Phone number information
  • When you’re done then click Next below the desktop screen
  • Re-check all the data entered if it is correct click OK
  • You will receive an OTP (One Time Password) from your SMS
  • Enter the number into the menu available
  • After successfully logging in, go to the profile and update your profile

How to Backup and move Data

When you use the application mod Fmwhatsapp surely there is little concern about the data that is already stored in WhatsApp. You will be worried about not being able to move contacts and chats from the WhatsApp app. No need to worry because the following will be reviewed how to move data from the official version of the WhatsApp app to the app FM WhatsApp.

  • The first step is to open the official version of the app
  • Enter the Settings menu
  • Select the Advanced Chat menu option Click Chat Backup
  • Next choose the option to back up chats to internal memory
  • Then install the Fmwhatsapp application that was downloaded earlier
  • Next press the button copy WhatsApp data
  • Enter the phone number and click Continue
restore backup
  • Click the Restore option and then click Advanced and wait for the process to finish

These are the various ways to download, install, and use the latest anti-ban FMWhatsapp app. This application has some advantages compared to the original version that is higher security level, easier to share files, has a more varied themes, to have the function cloning WhatsApp. In addition, when you use the app, you don’t have to worry about losing your old WhatsApp contacts or chats as they can all be moved without exception.

Maybe that’s the review about download Fmwhatsapp APK latest version that we can convey, even though the application is secure and does not cause any ban, then for the anticipated step you can try a few days using a new account, good luck.

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