Fouad iOS APK 9.27.3 Download (MBWhatsApp)

Fouad iOS APK is a WhatsApp Mod application with the modification of the iPhone iOS 13 themes that adds some interesting features. We know the use of the WhatsApp Mod app is very heavily used by current Android phone users, but that doesn’t mean the official version of WhatsApp doesn’t get the attention of other users, because we can see how the app WhatsApp has always climbed the leaves from time to time in various Android OS, iOS and Windows users.

Often not, you can find many types of WhatsApp Mod variants with a variety of options and interesting features. For example, you can find these types of applications with the best developers like YoWhatsApp (YoWa), Coocoo WhatsApp, GBWhatsApp and others. With the name it can be concluded that the type of WhatsApp Mod for Android phones clearly has different features, depending on the tastes of users that you can download for free.

What is Fouad WhatsApp iOS APK?

Fouad iOS WhatsApp is a WhatsApp Modded app that has already added some interesting features like color customization/themes, privacy, Anti-delete messages, Story downloads based on Fouad Mods and redesigned by MBMods (Stefano YG) with the iPhone iOS theme. In general this is the Great app I find the most for use by lovers of WhatsApp Mod with the iPhone style on Android phones without having to need root access with many kinds of variations, so you can choose and get all kinds of the app in Whatsapp iOS Fouad on official telegram channel @MBMods.

Fouad WhatsApp itself is one of the best mods for this type of WhatsApp app developed by Fouad Mokdad which is also the developer of the type of FM WhatsApp, GB WhatsApp, Keyboard Fouad. Fouad Mokdad also manages GBWhatsApp and YoWhatsApp, because according to the information Yousef Al-Basha no longer develops variant types Whatsapp Mod such as YoWhatsApp. However, MBMods redesign with the best design in my opinion, following the development and competition of the various features of Whatsapp Mod at the moment.

Download Fouad iOS APK Latest Anti-Ban for Android

Make sure you use the Google Chrome browser to make the download process easy and seamless. You can easily download & Install on your Android device via the link below, along with the White and Dark iOS themes.

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APK Details

NameFouad iOS WhatsApp
Size46.7 MB
Last UpdatedMay 16, 2022
ThemesWhite & Dark


Features of Fouad iOS:

  • You can set the home screen background image of WhatsApp
  • Choose to place the picture next to the bubble chat/First/Last
  • Can set the chat profile picture
  • Set a group profile picture
  • Preview Entry Style
  • Colour Line Color Options
  • Chat Line Color Chat
  • Feature color delayed message time
  • Key Date Color options
  • Documents in the chat screen
  • Text colour options in the document
  • Voice Note button colour
  • The Voice notes the main bar
  • Modern minimalist icon Color &
  • Call Blocker
  • White navigation bar Support on Android 8.0 + OreoLanguage support: Indonesian, English, Russian, Azerbaijani, Arabic, Spanish, Hindi, German, Italian, Turkish, Malaysia and others.Theme Download Feature support
  • Save and load the XML theme
  • Back-Up Previous chat history
  • Privacy and security and custom privacy: personal contacts and Groups
  • Option to enable/disable last seen status
  • Hide the Status Viewer
  • Anti Delete message: (Fouad Mods > > Privacy & Security)
  • Anti-Remove Status: This feature will allow if a story from your contacts is deleted, you can still view it
  • Check Blue option: function if contact will see a blue tick after you reply
  • Message text size does not work for Arabic
  • Turn off the forward tag function
  • Option to hide media from the gallery
  • Load theme does not apply to wallpapers
  • RTL Overall speed
  • Do Not Disturb (DND) Airplane mode
  • And much more
  • Discover for yourself later

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How to install Fouad iOS WhatsApp APK?

  • If you’re still using WhatsApp Official/WhatsApp Mod Another make sure you’ve backed up your Chatt history data etc. The goal is that your chat later is not erased
  • How do I find it? Select Settings > Chats > Chat Backup > Backup! (Turn off Google Drive backup features, if your device supports it).
  • Now re-Install the Fouad WhatsApp iOS app. Any problems? Don’t forget to enable unknown sources in Settings
  • Go to Settings > > Select security Settings > > find unknown sources “.
  • Open the app and run the app and log in using your WhatsApp account number.
  • If you get a Backup notification, just select Backup and all previous chats will be returned.
  • You can now change the customization view of the Fouad iOS Whatsapp app at your own pace.

How to apply a theme?

Note: Extract first if the theme file if it still has a Zip extension using the phone’s default Zarchiver or File Manager application.

  • Go to Fouad settings Mods
  • Select FMThemes
  • Load themes and search where you save the theme
  • Select XML and automatically WhatsApp will restart automatically to apply the theme
  • Enjoy!!..

Now it’s time where you should actually be able to follow the installation instructions of the app on your phone so that it doesn’t happen as desired, such as getting Banned or blocking, even if the app has also supported the feature (100% Anti-Banned). Please check below to follow all steps of the app installation instructions securely and correctly.

Frequently Asked Questions

What differences Clone and UNClone versions?

Clone is a WhatsApp application that can be installed and without deleting the original application. The name Package WA CLONE typically uses variant types (COM.yowa), (COM.gbwhatsapp), (COM.fmwhatsapp) and many more.

UNClone is the name of the same WhatsApp Mod with the original Playstore version with the package name (COM.WhatsApp). Meaning: If you want to use must delete the original WhatsApp app installed on your phone at this time.

Is safe to use WhatsApp Mod?

Of course it is safe, but you have to follow all the steps described. Not all WhatsApp mods have the same features and themes, my suggestion is to use common variants only like YoWhatsApp (YoWA), WhatsApp Aero, Fouad Mods and FMWhatsApp.

What is the Fouad iOS Anti-Ban?

Yes, 100% safe!. Share my own experience as well as using WhatsApp version of Mod this kind for 7 months until now. I do not find any issues such as banned or blocked, provided that before you install the application, make sure you have backed up the data and do not login repeatedly.

For those who like mutually type of WhatsApp Mod, because the login process itself requires verification of code number from Whatsapp also not?. If you are still unsure, but you want to try this application just use the Clone variant (COM. MB) and you do not need to delete the official WhatsApp application from the device if you install it.

So for the latest updates regarding Fouad iOS WhatsApp APK (iPhone Style) By StefanoYG latest version for android. We hope you enjoy using the Fouad iOS app and note that we provide the original apk file without any viruses or malware that could harm the device’s health.

Good luck and hopefully helpful, don’t forget to share and feedback!.

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