Free Visual Skin for Mobile Legends

Get the latest updated skins of Mobile Legends Characters using the Free Visual Skin ML APK on Android. Read to know more.

The Skin mobile Legends app now exists quite a lot, starting with that can only be used in virtual mode just like Lulubox and also IMLS until the application that can inject skin to our Mobile Legends game, for example, AG Injector and the ngulik ML injector that we had previously discussed.

From some applications, of course, we can not use one of them is the ML injector that has now detected this game system, so that we can not login and have to uninstall this third-party application. And for those of you who use the application imls, surely you are upset because until now is still in the process of updates or updates.

But now this turned out to be one application that is rarely said the player who knows that is free visual skin ml. This application has almost the same performance as the AG injector, so if we want a certain skin then we need to log in first on this application and do inject skin.

Download Free Visual Skin ML Apk Latest Version for Mobile Legends

Lately, there are many applications that implement inject system, when it is very prone to sanctions, because besides more easily detected, the skins that we inject can not be erased even if we have uninstalled the application, so that when you want to use it you have to think again or if you feel curious we recommend trying it with a new account.

This application is also actually available in the Play Store application so you can download it directly with the name “Free visual skin ml” but we also do not know until when the application of this skin injector can persist in the App Store, because looking from the function is certainly not in line with the policy on the Play store.

Mobile Legends is still a game with the number of players that can be said 3 big nowadays, the journey of the game is certainly not easy, because at the moment the game comes most gamers choose the game Clash of Clans or COC, but gradually thanks to the persistence of the game developer Moonton, finally this game can survive to the present. For those of you who want to install this free visual skin APK application, you can download it below.

APK Details

NameFree Visual Skin ML
DeveloperChuchu App
Size5 MB
Last updated onApril 14, 2020



There are not many features offered by this application, with a small enough size of about 4MB, the feature is also very minimal that is only for the skin injector, but whether the application is in development period, we also do not know.

In terms of shortcomings may be here we will highlight in terms of the skin presented, indeed in this application there is a lot of heroes that we can inject skin, but for the number of skins presented this application is still very little, and the average for the hero is only available one skin.

How to use Free Visual Skin ML on Android?

  • The first step is to download and install the application in advance
  • Next after successfully we install then we can open it directly
  • There will be an ALL hero menu, then select one hero that we will inject
  • Select Inject skin and wait for the process to finish
  • Next, you just open your Mobile Legends game and select the hero that we already inject the skin and use the skin

In this Free Visual Skin ML application there is also a remove menu that we can use to remove the skins that we have managed to inject, but whether this feature works normally so that the skin is completely removed we also can not find out.


The Tips or advice that we will convey about this ML injector still remains as we have already delivered is a safe search in using applications like this using a backup account.

May be quite a few related to the application Free Visual Skin ML, hopefully, what we have said it can be useful for all, thanks.

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