GBWhatsApp Pro APK 12.0 Download Latest Version

It feels very difficult not to install this application on our smartphones, because not only as a sosmed that has the largest number of users today, this application also has a lot of excellent features that we can rely on sending files either in the format of images, videos or other files, and the application is GBWhatsapp Pro.

Almost all smartphone users use WhatsApp as an application that is used to communicate. This application that is identical with the green color has now started to carry other themes so that the appearance of this app does not feel boring when used, one of the additions to the latest version that we can feel today is a dark mode feature that will make the appearance of this WA (Whatsapp) become dark.

But we should admit if not all WhatsApp users like the look or features of this application, so that you do not feel bored and want to enjoy more features then there is a mod application that you can make as an option GBWhatsapp Pro.


What is GBWhatsApp Pro?

Nowadays, there are many applications that have modified, including WhatsApp application, so GBWhatsapp Pro is a mod application that has a lot of options that will make it easier for us as a user in conducting communication, so this version of MoD has feature features out of the original version, for example, can send files with a larger size than the standard set WhatsApp, eliminating online menu so that it looks offline and son

Having this super cool application can be pride in itself when you are gathering together with your friends because apart from the different looks with others, the features you can use are different from the general app.

Now there are a lot of WhatsApp mods that you can use as a substitute for an original version of the app, from each mod it usually has the advantages and disadvantages of each.

APK Details

NameGBWhatsApp Pro
Last updatedjune 20, 2021
Size50 MB

Download GBWhatsapp Pro APK Latest Version for Android

This application GBWhatsApp Pro apk One does have many versions of the version, for that, we have provided the latest update that you can download the GBWhastsapp Pro which in this update we can use a variety of additional features that you can not find in previous versions, for those of you who want to try this application then you will download it below.

Communication in this digital era does offer a lot of excellence in addition to making voice calls we can also video call, voice chat and file transfer that previously could not send through the chat app like WhatsApp.

In addition to the Android version, this year is also available for other OS namely iOS or iPhone, previously this apk is only devoted to Android users only, but in the end the developer has already provided for iPhone users.


By using this application you will get some advantages so that you can chat with each other more comfortable when you use, here are some advantages of Whatsapp GB application.

Hide the blue tick

When we send a message to someone the WhatsApp app will give a mark to the sender of the message they sent, to tick one indicating the message has not been sent, tick two means that the message we sent has been received successfully, while the blue tick indicates that the message was already viewed, but by using this application, the message will always tick two even though the message is already read.

Hiding Online Status

When we want to chat call to someone usually we will check first when the person’s last active or is online what is not, with the feature in this mod WA we can set whether we want to activate the online feature or not, when you activate the feature of this one then your account seems to be never active when every day active.

Read deleted messages

You have already experienced when you want to read a message but apparently the message has been deleted by the sender, everyone who encountered this kind of thing arises a sense of the message, for that with this feature we can still see the message even though it has been deleted.

Can send large size Video files

The files sent using this version of the MoD are larger than 55MB, so you can now make it easier to send the videos you want to send.

For more details about the features applied to this GBWhatsapp Pro, you can see the following.

GBWhatsapp Android features

  • Has lots of emoji stickers
  • Can have two accounts in one device
  • Enable DND to disable internet from Whatsapp.
  • Can make calls from unsaved codecs
  • It has a lot of themes that we can use
  • There is a huge selection of themes
  • The message you can answer when it is sent
  • Can lock apps without any additional apps
  • And can hide the chat
  • Has tons of font options

We mentioned above only a part of this feature WA mod this one, if you have tried it then you will know what are the advantages of this WA application.

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How to Download GBWhatsapp Pro for iOS?

This is pretty uplifting news, after a long wait, it’s finally currently available for the iPhone version. With this application will certainly optimize the features of WhatsApp and the following are some of the features available.

  • Read a message that was deleted by the sender
  • Can name groups of up to 35 characters
  • Can use two WA accounts in one app
  • There is DND mode so we can disconnect our WhatsApp from the internet.
  • Can send single broadcast up to 600 one click.
  • And much more

Unfortunately, there is no GBWhatsApp for iOS devices.

How to Install GBWhatsApp Pro APK on Android?

  • First, you can enter the settings menu and look for the security
  • Next, can select unknown sources and enable
  • Open the APK file we have downloaded
  • Next, wait until the process finishes
  • And after that, the application is ready to use

So it’s a review about the latest GB Whatsapp app which is now being very trending, apart from this one application there is also another popular WhatsApp mod that you can possibly make reference in choosing an FMWhatsApp APP.

Almost everyone now uses WA as its main messenger for personal communication and job affairs. Although the regular WA look is already good and comfortable but still a lot of users who feel bored with the look. Most of them want to use a unique look transparent. It is not impossible to do because there is a transparent WA Mod Apk. Before using it, find out more about this app below.

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