How to Control Computer with Android Phone

Ecosystem – is a phenomenon that until recently was unfamiliar to Android users. No, of course, Google offered them a fairly wide range of proprietary applications and services, but such that one unit of the company was actually functional continuation of the other, was not. Therefore, if users looking for a smartphone that could work in conjunction with a computer, or on the contrary, they almost always relied on Mac and iPhone but not on Android. And it is in vain.

To replicate the smartphone screen on the computer is very simple

Despite the fact that Google had already been offering the possibility to work with documents, presentations or spreadsheets at the computer, regardless of operating system, and continue on Android, by default, be able to share the screen of a smartphone with a Desk – or laptop was not. And is it possible to implement it, given that Chrome OS – own computer Google – only works on hrobuchak and access Windows and macOS she, of course, no one will give? Therefore, we will do third-party software.

Phone screen transferred to the computer

  • Download the QuickSupport app itself on Android and TeamViewer on the computer respectively;
  • Run it and give the necessary privileges;
To control the smartphone without permission will not be
  • Please download the addon from Google Play at the link of the app and give it privileges too;
The service can even transfer files from device to device
  • Launch the app on your smartphone and copy of there ID to log into a special window on the computer.
  • Confirm the synchronization and control a smartphone through a computer.

After a successful synchronization you will be able not only to view the contents of the smartphone screen, but to control it. For example, you can turn the pages of the desktop, run applications, chat messengers, download, and delete the installed software. In this case, all your activities on the computer are duplicated on the smartphone in real time. To do this, be sure that he was included. But if you cleared the screen of the device, the sync will fail and you will not be able to manage it.

Screen mirroring for Android

On your computer monitor will appear the screen of the smartphone, which can be controlled in real time

Important: if you are afraid to give the application the privileges it requires, it is possible to do without it. However, in this case, the smartphone management from PC is impossible. All that will be available to you is the screen — mirroring, or simply screen mirroring. That is, you will see on the monitor everything that happens on the smartphone, but to influence it can not. The only connectivity option in this case will control the smartphone via its own touchscreen. This mechanism is useful, for example, if you show some kind of presentation, when to give the smartphone a command from the PC.

Is it convenient to control the phone from the computer? Frankly, no. But if flipping screens and run applications still somehow it is possible then to leave them is a living hell. Anyway, if you, like me, included control gestures. In principle, QuickSupport allows you to simulate the gesture exit the application, swipe from the bottom of the screen to the top, but to make it even on the touchpad, not to mention the mouse, very difficult. So, if you are going to spend for this kind of work more than 5 minutes, turn the control buttons. Then say to yourself thank you.

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