IMLS APK 1.9.0 (Unlock All Skins🥇) Download Official (2021)

IMLS APK Mobile Legends Latest Version has been updated again by fixing some errors, support 32 bit, cecilion patch, and fully already supports Draft Pick mode, Blind Pick, Customer game, IMLS Mobile Legends is a great tool for getting free hero skins. Mobile Legends package that is crowded with gamers, so all the errors are common on some reported Android devices.

However, all the problems were fixed with the normal back in the IMLS update Universal official version and the skin could be fully used. It is a very powerful application, I think because it has so many users who have used the app to get the skins hero Mobile Legends easily without having to make a purchase.

However, if you are hesitant to use the app never occasionally try this tool to log in using the main account of Mobile Legends game because it can be said to be reasonably banned if you are new to the application. As with AG Injector Tool that some time ago can also be used to get skins for free.

In playing online games of any kind in today’s modern era if you do not have skins, sometimes feel jealous with your friends or other players who have a cool number of skins and can help you play the game more excited.

What is Mobile Legends Skin?

Skin is an application skin which is one item in all types of games such as Mobile Legends, for example. If in the game all kinds of goods new items can be obtained by buying a diamond (Top-Up) or with real money, Skin Trial (duration) usually use the code redeem and skins obtained for free. If you want a cool skin hero character, you have to buy it to start playing and beat all your enemies!

Download IMLS APK Latest Version for Mobile Legends

The IMLS app for Mobile Legends is developed using technologies supported by third-party developers. If you use and install the app, you have the right to abide by IMLS’s disclaimer and privacy principles.

The application has also spread to some content on YouTube, so don’t worry if the IMLS application does not work with the maximum results, because many Mobile Legends players already tried it and the result 100% work. IMLS application will continue to be updated later, such as a patch Silvana in version IMLS 1.8.3 and support for multiple accounts (Clone), Patch Carmilla & cecilion in versions IMLS 1.8.7, 1.8.9, 1.8.10, IMLS 1.8 11 with a size of 7.4 MB that already support on Android devices 64 Bits and 32 bits.

What if 32 Bit? First remove the old version of IMLS from the device, then reinstall it with the new version. The function is also still the same in previous versions to get all the free skins of Mobile Legends, with the skins notes not visible to other enemies.

Not only that, many users say that the IMLS application is also able to improve the RAM performance and CPU processor in resolving Lag or broken problems when you play Mobile Legends. However, as time goes on the game will continue to get the latest updates by Developer Mobile Legends Montoon which is certainly the storage of your phone must be sufficient to update the updates made later and not all types of mobile phones can Play Mobile Legends games smoothly and maximally, make sure your Internet network is also noticed.

In connection with Mobile Legends game updates from time to time, the IMLS 2020 app will also continue to update all kinds of new features and some known issues to follow Mobile Legends game updates. Stay cautious in-app usage, as Montoon developers can detect at any time.

APK Details

NameIMLS Play for Free!
Size8.0 MB
Last UpdatedDecember 25, 2020
DeveloperAhmad Syaifulloh


Available Features of IMLS:

  • Unlock All Skins
  • Unlock All Characters/Hero
  • No ads
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Clone App (no effect on the original MLBB version)
  • Can move accounts via FB/VK (if you have multiple accounts)
  • Fully supports Draft Pick, Blind Pick, Customer game, Brawl and VS modes. Ai
  • Full Support Traits heroes, free Heroes, owned heroes. Patch Carmilla, Cecilion & Silvanna
  • Support 32 bits and 64 bits
  • Support Radar Map


Of course, all the players of Mobile Legends games definitely want the skins they want, but beware, because we never know and are responsible whether the IMLS app is safe to use on all Android devices. Includes a safe from the word “Banned” which can at any time threaten the main account of your game, before you try more, please use the Guest account (Guest account) to make sure all such skins are safe to use or not from blocking from developers Game.

How to use IMLS APK?

All skins can be used unless they have a high. For Hero skin type, please open trial first and Log out account from Mobile Legends game, the last login again more you can also watch the video tutorial below.

If you can’t use the skins you get, please log back into your Mobile Legends account. Any other problems? As Youtuber @Kaito. D said a while ago if you want to get the skin, make sure your ML account has reached the level of 4-8. Try using another account instead of your primary account to avoid anything that you don’t want.

  • Download IMLS at the link above.
  • Update your MLBB game to the latest version (required).
  • Remove the old version or overwrite it with this latest version of IMLS.
  • Install and open it.
  • Finish the tutorial and sign in using your account. (Do not support Google account)
  • Wait until all the skins resources are downloaded.
  • Play rankings or classics.
  • Select any skin after you have selected the Hero character (condition: you must have one).
  • Enjoy your favourite skins.

IMLS This latest version already supports Android operating system 32 Bit and 64 Bit. However, it is still a mystery if IMLS is still safe to use across multiple devices and is safe from the word banned by Developer Mobile Legends. Please first update the IMLS app and make sure that Mobile Legends games are also updated on Google Playstore.

How to know your architecture – 64bit?

  • Download Droid Hardware Info in Google Play Store or (click here)
  • Open the app and check in the ‘ System ‘ option
  • The bottom cursor and note This app detects your device already supports 64 bits or not

Frequently Asked Questions

How to update IMLS App?

  • Download the app on the link above
  • Remove older versions of apps (if necessary) or directly overwrite older versions of apps with the latest version
  • By default, Android will provide instructions for allowing app installs
  • Go to Settings and then select Security and enable (“Unknown sources”)
  • Go back to the Downloads folder and install the app
  • Wait for the process to finish

Is IMLS safe to use?

Indeed, the IMLS app is not officially available on Google Playstore at the moment. As we know that APK files downloaded from 3rd parties can compromise your privacy when downloading files. Be cautious in using these applications to keep your Mobile Legends game account in safe condition, as we ourselves can tell that Montoon (Mobile Legends) developers do not officially publish the IMLS app and can Detect it anytime if you use a third party app to get free skins unofficially.

However, we have not been informed if the tool is malicious and only a few users have banned the game account from the Montoon developer, up to 7 – 30 days. Note that IMLS itself does not use the official Mobile Legends app installed on your device, as IMLS uses Clone app files, so you can use a new account to try. If you want to try, just use another account that has not been used to play the game, any questions and complaints?, please leave a comment below available.

The app may not work some time ahead, if you get the update again you can download it directly from the website link provided in the app. Don’t worry we’ll continue to update this article if the IMLS app is back in an update later at any time. Do not forget to continue supporting IMLS application in the future. So for information about the application IMLS APK ML (Unlock All Skins) Download Official version. Happy to try and good luck, don’t forget to share with your friends!. 👍👍

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