ML Injector APK 8.0 Latest Version (Official)

Mobile Legends is a game from Moonton that has a considerable number of cheater, fairly tight competition when wanting to achieve a win, making some gamers apply fraudulent ways in order to win it, there are many choices of ways that they often do and among them are currently the latest by using a single application of ML injector.

ML tool APK is another than usual, if the previous one just to get free skins such as IMLS, AG Injector or Lulubox, in this application we can use various menu cheat only through this one application.

For those of you who have been waiting for the presence of IMLS app that until now do not also make updates again, then this application can be made as a substitute.


What is ML Injector APK?

In terms of names that are applied for sure you already understand that this application must be created by Modder Homeland, this application itself began to be famous as a YouTube channel is not the developer of the application of the ML-injector, ie Ngulik Mobile Legends.

In this video uploaded channel, we can see directly how easy this application to do some cheats like getting free skin, drone view as ML Kuroyama application and so on. So it will be very helpful to the player to achieve victory or victory.

The presence of this application is obviously a hunt for gamers who often play in a cheat, but of course, you have to beware because if you detected a system doing cheating technique then your account will be subject to sanctions, why so? Because this app uses the way inject scripts work so you don’t play on a virtual mode like any other app.

Download ML Injector APK Latest Version for Mobile Legends

Although Moonton will expressly sanctioned anyone who implements this drone view, it is still a lot to use in this way. For those of you who just try if this application really works when you play, then you can download this apk ngulik injector on the link that we have prepared for you loyal readers IMLS on the link below.

The application above is already supported in the latest mobile legends patch so you can feel the skins of the hero and other around Mobile Legends games. It can be said that almost all games currently use an Internet connection to be able to play it or online, the developer will usually sell various items in the game by using the top-up previously top up first.

However, when you use this ML injector apk you can get premium items for free.

APK Details

NameML Injector
Size8 MB
Last updated onAugust 01, 2021


Features of ML Injector:

The choice of features available in this application is sufficient so you can decide on your own, the features you want to use while playing, more on the APK features you can see as follows:

Drone Map

Here you can set the scale of the drone view you want to use such as drone brawl and drone map with a variety of sizes such as 1.5 & 2X to 6X & 7X, so you can define your own map drone which you will use Denegna how to download on this feature

All Skin

There are various types of hero skins that you can get here such as Hero Assassin, Marksman, Fighter, Mage, Tank and also Hero Support. If during this time you want to use a certain skin but still can not buy it then you can use this feature to make it happen.

Analog Change

For those of you who want to change the virtual analog in this mobile game legends then you can change it with this one feature.

Change the Background

If in the game free fire there are skin tool applications that can change the skin and also the game lobby, then you can also do the same in the game Mobile Legends using this application, which of course use this feature, there are 3 background options that you can change according to your taste of background loading, background lobby and background loading battle. (in development)

Changing the Border

For this one menu is still in development, for that you can be patient and not to miss the news about this application then you can subscribe to this channel.

That’s some features of the ML injector apk that you can use, although only some of the features that we can currently use, but the features that exist today have been very helpful to us while playing this Mobile Legends game.

This application will certainly update so that you can enjoy all the features, in addition to this update to make all the skins or other you can use it.

Playing Mobile Legends games by using this app will make the new experience even more exciting when you play this game, because the skins that are presented through this apk are not only ordinary but you can also use an epic skin.

How to Install ML Injector APK on Android?

  • Download Ngulik Injector ml apk in advance above
  • Next, you can open the folder where you saved the file and select this apk
  • Next, there will be a notification pop up related to security when you install apk outside Play store, you can just ignore it by selecting allow
  • The install process will start and you can wait until it finishes
  • And lastly, you just run this app.

How to use ML Injector App?

Related to how this application works inject system then we need to first open this application Nglulik injector, more about the steps that you have to do can be listened to as follows:

  • Run this ML Injector Ngulik
  • Next, you can choose which menu or features you want to input into your mobile legends game, for example, you will choose skins then you can choose which skin you will use and wait for the inject process to finish
  • Next, if all the process is complete then you can exit this application and run the game Mobile Legends
  • When you are in the game lobby you can choose the hero where the hero skin has inject us
  • And for the next steps just as you play this game in general.

That is some way you can do to use this apk Ngulik injector, but before you try this game then it is good to see the tips that we provide below.

Tips before using the app

As already explained repeatedly above that this application implements the system inject, and if we see from some applications that apply how to work so usually the skins that we have entered into mobile games legends we will be difficult to delete or to reapply even though the application Ngulik injector This we already remove or uninstall. It is strongly recommended that you do a backup date in advance so that your account is not at risk of sanctions.

For this backup you can see the tutorial on your YouTube channel, so you will be able to do so. It might be quite a few about this app for ML Injector apk, congratulations on playing.

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