Mobile Legends VNG for Android

Online battle games are undeniable that until now still get the heart of the players. There are no exception outputs from Moonton, namely Mobile Legends VNG which is the latest version for the Vietnam Edition.

For you, mobile game player legends must have heard about this game, but we are sure there are still many other players who do not know this, for that you can see and download the latest mobile Legends VNG in our reviews this time.


What is Mobile Legends VNG?

It is interesting that the last time Moonton released a Mobile Legends game for the latest version, which has been the most players in the past. The unique release of this game is not for Global, but it is only for Vietnamese countries. Here’s the explanation:

Differences with the Global version

Mobile Legends VNG or Vietnam Edition is now able to make gamers fever this game. Because of the classic game MOBA Noble version 5v5 by playing a fair play in a variety of character decision making, skill and so on.

It can be said that this VNG version has a better advantage than previous global MOBA games. The built-in features are also not much different, only better and more varied, so when one updates, the other is also the case.

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Is safe to use?

No need to worry about the security of this one game. Although there are many issues circulating about its creation that was designed by a third party, but in fact, it is actually the official release of Moonton for Vietnam. Even Vietnamese people themselves call it the Mobile Legends VNG Official, not a MOD. This is done to show that this app is really an exclusive game that Moonton released and meaning is certainly safe.

Download Mobile Legends VNG Latest Version for Android

For fans of this Moba game who want to download it you can get this game with ease. The biggest advantage of this game can also be obtained, i.e. no more worrying about geographical boundaries.

The players only need to download the game one by selecting the latest version. The latest version of the Mobile Legends game app can also be obtained through a search engine like Google. There will be many official websites providing free downloads for anyone.

The steps are also easy, you just open the search engine then type the Download Mobile Legendd VNG and it will immediately pop up the website provider of this app for free. But to make it easier for you to download this one apk we also have provided the file for you:

Features of Mobile Legends VNG

About the features presented in Mobile Legends Vietnam Edition is actually not much different from previous versions of Moba games. It’s just that there’s a difference that makes it look superior.

For example, the effects given to each hero have a better or higher contrast compared to the global version of Moba games. There are also other features, such as fix position movement Wheel and colorblind mode are not much different.

Unfortunately, the lack of this latest version although it can be downloaded all circles without fear of geographical boundaries, the fact is only available in Vietnamese only. There is even no setting to replace it with Indonesian or English language.


Here’s how to play Mobile Legends

Because the differences in features are not too far away with the global version, even the difference is not from the vital things. Then it does not close the possibilities when the gameplay is also almost the same.

Note some things

It is also worth noting a few things, for example if you are still a beginner will not be surprised if it often dies or loses. Because, it is obvious that the possibilities have not been adapted or can not use the skills of the hero to the maximum, but when often played long will understand more.

Then the most important thing is when playing should pay attention to Map and the solidarity with the team. Basically, this game will also assess the percentage of winnings through cooperation with friends.

Understand Hero characters

As you know, this battle game has tons of heroes with different characters. So, the first way to play it is to have to understand each of them in order to make the most of them.

There are 6 commonly used heroes: tanks, fighters, assassins, make, marksman and support. The sixth has different functions and characters, so from here should be known there in which position you are when playing.

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Define Hero

For beginners who are just beginning to play this game should only choose the defensive part. Because, basically when just starting the hero that belongs still weak, so it is not advisable to directly attack or you will game over.

The main task for beginners is to keep the tower, destroy each opponent and kill as many minions as possible in order to earn gold to buy items. However, if you are not able to resist no need to progress to help the team.

Farming to taste

In this part, often a lot of beginners misunderstand. Once they understand the term farming, then focusing the game only in this section to disregarding the team, either dead or tower destroyed.

Here’s not to be, because the game is a team that should help each other not be selfish to play alone. Maybe you could get gold to buy an item or build already, but if team and Tower continue to crumble in the end it will still lose.

Don’t focus on MVP only

The MVP player is a way of playing by sticking in the tower when teams struggle, when the enemy looks already dying and his friend dies, just going forward to help. But the basis of group games is cooperation, so it can not be when you focus play like that.

Although in the end it can pass the level, but it could be in the next game the team will do the same and you progress alone. Moreover, although MVP but lost, because there is no cooperation, then there will be no more meaning when the push rank.

Understand position rules

This position is an important part to note, as every hero with different characters will not be useful when putting his or her strategy wrong. For example, the support department should keep the tower, but it is going forward to attack, then it can be sure to die.

You can use the strategy by thinking about it with the team, for example, by taking advantage of the best combination of positions, like tanks placed in the front, than fighter and assassin behind them. Next up are marksman, Mage and support.

The three heroes with the last position must be placed on the back, because they are deliberately designed to fight long distances. These key points should be noticed by each player in order to create a good combination of play.

No wonder indeed if this one game is still the prime among gamers. Even so, Moonton is never off guard, it is evidenced by continuing to provide the latest Update-an with features and a better version than ever before.

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