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RA Whatsapp iOS APK is a WhatsApp modified version for Android that looks like an iPhone iOS. Many of today we find the kind of Whatsapp application that has been modified to look attractive when viewed by the eye, even if it is currently official WhatsApp has launched a new feature, namely (Dark Mode theme) that you can download in Google PlayStore.

It also depends on the user’s liking to use the official WhatsApp app or the modified version. Because we know that the WhatsApp Mod app has more feature capabilities than the official version of the app, but all WhatsApp mods have their own weaknesses. In general, RA WhatsApp iOS also has features such as the one in WhatsApp Mod app, one of which is Anti-Banned, Anti-delete message, download Story, privacy, iOS theme, iOS Font, and some other extra features.

Download RA WhatsApp iOS APK Latest Version for Android

Basically RA WhatsApp iOS is also based on the official root of Fouad YoWhatsApp which is where the type of variant it is also very commonly used all among users WhatsApp Mod. Only for the version that you can download on this site is (Unclone) version with cool design, color, and the display feature of WhatsApp on iPhone that is modified back by Ridwan Arifin and Remod by Dede.

However, the app is only devoted to users of Android devices only. Of course, you do not have to worry, because RA Whatsapp iOS also has a lot to use it you can also see later how the feature in Mod settings options (Mod Settings).

Some features of the RA WhatsApp iOS app do look similar to other versions of WhatsApp Mod, such as to enable the feature of stories from your contacts as on the Instagram Stories homepage. You can find some of the features that are on the app’s home page and then select Mods Settings.

Download Latest APK

Password: RAiOS870

Download iOS Themes

Download Kawaii Edition BELOW

Password: rawa870

APK Details

NameRA WhatsApp iOS
Size51 MB
DevelopedRidwan Arifin
Remodded byDede Sulaeman
Package NameUNClone
Last UpdatedAugust 20, 2021



  • Base Playstore
  • Privacy and security
  • Freeze last seen. Note: Restart the application to apply
  • Enable Instagram like-stories option
  • The option who can call me?
  • Custom privacy contacts, groups and statuses
  • Hide Status Viewer
  • Anti-Delete messages
  • Show Blue Lice once replied
  • App Security Locking
  • XML Theme Download and Load
  • Adding the RA WhatsApp iOS App home page Background
  • Font style: RA Font iOS Bold
  • IOS and Default Emoji
  • App and notification launcher icons
  • Widget!
  • Hide Media from Gallery!
  • Backup and restore Data options
  • Languages: Indonesian, English, Malaysian, Russian, German, Spanish, Turkish, etc…
  • Image sending limit option.
  • Clean Whatsapp logs.
  • Multi-Chat cards.
  • Customize the look and color.
  • Home conversational style.
  • Change text size.
  • Border Profile and color changer options with your liking.
  • Countdown time and option to enable Online contact Status in the Header.
  • Hide group broadcasts and separators in conversations.
  • Conversation entry style, action Bar, bug bubbles and profile picture.

How to apply theme on RA WhatsApp iOS App?

Not all versions of the RA Whatsapp iOS app have the same theme and sometimes errors are found on some devices.

  1. Select Mod Settings.
  2. Then select Themes and Load themes.
  3. Locate the XML format file you have downloaded earlier.
  4. Click OK and the app will restart to apply the theme.

How to install RA Whatsapp iOS APK on Android?

Not all types of WhatsApp Mod apps can work to restore all the chat data to another version of WhatsApp. That includes if you previously used a version of Original from Playstore or Mod version with a different name and would like to use RS WhatsApp iOS Mod back this kind of, more you can try yourself later.

Some new users if you want to use the WhatsApp version of the Mod, sometimes it is still confused on how to properly install and all previous chat data are not erased. Unless, if you want to use the RA version of Whatsapp Clone version (COM.yowa), you can install two WhatsApp applications at once. However, if your phone supports, please follow the steps below to install the APK file correctly.

  • Previously, please back-up in advance of previous chat history.
  • Select > > Chat settings > Chat backup > select Back up.
  • If all you have backup, please delete/uninstall the installed WhatsApp application.
  • If you are using the package version (COM. wa) then select Install RA Whatsapp iOS on your phone.
  • Open and login using your respective number account.
  • If you have notifications, just select Back-up Now!.
  • Finished.

Frequently Asked Questions

What differences Clone and UNClone versions?

CLONE is a WhatsApp Mod app that you can install without deleting any original apps on your phone. Package name WA CLONE using variant type (COM. yowa), (COM. gbwhatsapp), (COM. fmwhatsapp) and others.

UNClone is the name of the same WhatsApp Mod with the original Playstore version with the package name (COM.WhatsApp). Meaning: If you want to use WhatsApp Mod with the name of the package, you need to delete the original Playstore WhatsApp app installed on your phone. (If any).

How to get the latest RA Whatsapp iOS theme set?

You can get a wide collection of themes from RA Whatsapp iOS on Official Telegram Channel: @iosdev_team.

How to update Ra WhatsApp?

You can update later on this site if the latest version is available. You can also save this download link for you to revisit later because on this site the article will be updated if there is an app update done. Although, RA Whatsapp iOS is also said to be modified with the feature (Anti-Expired), so you do not need to update also any problem, as long as the application can still be used as usual.

Follow the developer on Facebook for more info.

Final Words

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