The 2 Best Spelling Correctors 2021 (Grammar Tools)

Who has never dreamed of always writing impeccable and error-free texts? whatever the level of difficulty?

For my part I took correction software.

This is especially important when you know that 1 mistake in 1 CV can change a career …
But not all are equal in terms of quality and cost. So I tested the most popular on the market, and found 2 correct ones to add in the comparison.

The best spelling (and grammar) checker is in my humble opinion and without hesitation the Antidote 10, not least because of the many features it offers and the fact that it does not let go of big mistakes that other software cannot identify.

Le Robert Correcteur box - PC / Mac software 3 stations - spelling correction, dictionaries and French guides

Why this choice ? For well-written and flawless writings, this software is very useful. It is the result of the collaboration between Le Robert and the Diagonal company. One is specialized in the French language and the other in linguistic software. This high-performance tool can improve your writing, if not better. The Robert Correcteur is PC and MAC compatible. As soon as it is installed, it integrates with your word processing utilities: Word, PowerPoint, Mail, Open Office, Outlook, Keynote, etc.

The goal being to correct your lapses in order to obtain flawless writing, errors are underlined in different colors depending on their type. To this end, a distinction is made between errors in spelling, grammar, typography, context, punctuation, etc. Quick and easy to use, the correction is activated with one click. Once all of the text is corrected, just validate the changes and you’re done. In addition, this software has the advantage of explaining faults. This helps you avoid making the same mistakes again and improves your writing style.

To promote good writing, the tool offers 8 Le Robert reference dictionaries. These include: 3 million synonyms and opposites, 1.6 million word combinations, 250,000 definitions, 35,000 proper nouns, 18,000 phrases, 17,000 French and foreign quotes, etc. In addition, the spelling correction software also includes 6 language guides: spelling, lexicon, grammar, style, typography and conjugation. You can view them at any time.


  • Efficient and rapid correction
  • 8 Le Robert reference dictionaries and 6 language guides
  • correct conjugation errors
  • Windows and Mac compatible


  • Ergonomics to review
  • installation on 3 computers max

Antidote 10 : the best spell checking software compatible with Windows, MAC and Linux

Antidote 10 - Corrector and dictionaries for French or English

Antidote 10 is a first choice assistant for improving your writing level. It replaced the famous Antidote 9 version.

Depending on the choice made during its installation, you will benefit from a writing assistance for English or French. In either case, the software offers three great books: a next-generation corrector with filters, powerful search dictionaries, and detailed language guides.

The correction tool includes: underlined language errors (unwelcome commas, stupid pleonasms …), typography (double spaces, number formats …), and style (repetitions, delicate turns, sentences that are too long …). With the dictionaries, you will be able to know the complete definition of a word as well as the expressions in which it appears (its pronunciation, synonyms, etymology …). They will also suggest its conjugation, its lexical field, etc. Linguistics encompass: spelling, grammar, syntax, phonetics, etc.

These different works interact to examine all the contours of a linguistic question. The aim is to help you write simple, flawless English or French. Antidote 10 is compatible with all operating systems : Windows, Mac OS, Linux … As soon as it is installed, it integrates directly with utilities and word processing tools.


  • Easy installation (no need to be an IT expert)
  • Next generation proofreader, complete dictionaries and language guides
  • High error detection rate
  • Huge database
  • The most complete of all
  • Allows you to improve your French
  • English correction option (paid)


  • We can’t do without it 🙂
  • Does not work under open office


Buying guide: how to choose the right spell checker?

Antidote 10 - Corrector and dictionaries for French or English

Whether analyzing a text of a few hundred words, or an entire guide, it is best to use the most effective corrector. However, finding good patch software is not as easy as you might think. Several criteria must be taken into account. A few are shown below.

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The first thing to check is the ease of use of the spell checking software. It should be easy to activate its intuitive internal browser. In one click, you should be able to carry out your research and access the various functionalities (dictionaries, guides, etc.). A model with smart search would be an excellent choice. In addition, the interface must be ergonomic. This is essential for progress in writing.


This is one of the most important criteria. No matter how good a corrector is, if it’s not compatible with your operating system, you won’t be able to use it. So choose software that supports most systems: Windows, Mac OS, Linux, etc.

Once installed, it must be able to integrate directly with browsers and word processing tools (Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, Mail, Open Office, Keynote, etc.). So you no longer need to copy the text and paste it into the corrector each time you check. It will be enough to activate it with a click when you need it.

The capacity

This concerns the number of characters supported by the software during the correction. This is limited in some products, but in others it is not. It will all depend on how many words you are used to writing. In addition, also check whether the program corrects mistake by mistake or takes into account the whole text.

The performance

The performance of spelling and grammar correction software is linked to its analytical ability. This must be able to detect even the most complex errors. To this end, it must include filters to examine the text on all linguistic aspects (syntax, logic, lexicon, etc.). In addition, some programs are able to report long sentences and repetitions. This is a necessary asset if you plan to use the product in a professional setting. This will help you improve your writing style.

The options offered

Usually, spelling correction software offers two main tools: a corrector and dictionaries. This is more than sufficient for typical use: detecting errors and correcting them. However, if you want to get faultless writings, it will take more than that. In addition to the standard functions (synonyms, definition and antonyms), the dictionaries must also offer the following options: conjugation, lexical field, historical evolution, etc.

Make sure the product has well-detailed language guides. This will improve your level in spelling, grammar and phonetics. Some models even come with an encyclopedia. It is also a very interesting option and very popular with Internet users.

What is the best computer spell checker?


Spelling and grammar checkers help you improve your writing skills. However, it is not easy to find a product that can perfectly meet our needs. That’s the whole point of this buying guide.
After testing the two spelling programs, I chose Antidote 10 as the most efficient, because it is reliable and has an impressive database and corrects conjugation errors.

This corrector is just great if you don’t want to leave mistakes behind. In a short time, my writing skills improved greatly. This is the best spelling correction software of the selection, I recommend.

The model we recommend

Don’t get lost in your choice. There are too many models to choose from. If you want a safe value and suitable for home use, we strongly recommend the model below. It is for sale on Amazon.

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