Update Google Play and soft: they will lose the smartphone Huawei

In the last year Huawei is literally under siege. The sanctions that the U.S. imposed on Chinese company, greatly undermined its income and led to a significant outflow of the audience who was afraid of worsening the situation, preferring to switch to less aggressive equipment brands. Despite the fact that the Americans seemed to have allowed Huawei to continue its cooperation with Google in the interests of the already released smartphones to ensure their correct functioning, last week it became clear that this permission was only temporary.

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At Huawei ended the license for Google services

License, validity of which expired last week, Huawei had provided much more than just access to source code security updates. In fact, the license allowed the company to maintain a complete carte Blanche when using Google services and related benefits available to all other manufacturers. Thus, the U.S. government did to Chinese companies are a kind of exception, applicable only in relation to published before the introduction of sanctions of the devices.

Limitations of smartphones Huawei

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The lack of security updates is not the worst

Here are the main privileges that the license gave Huawei:

  • Security updates
  • Access Google applications
  • Access to Google Play
  • Access to Google Mobile Services
  • The auto-update mechanism Android
  • Cloud service notifications

Of course, Huawei is preparing for a possible revocation of the license or the refusal of the USA to extend the expiration date. Therefore, in several previous updates and MagicUI EMUI developers Huawei began spreading placeholder Google tools. They added in the firmware of their smartphones Huawei Mobile Services that will – even partly – replace Google Mobile Services, as well as the rest of the belongings security mechanisms, without which the vehicles will not be able to update over the air and receive notifications.

Another thing is that at this stage in the development of services Huawei, a priori, cannot replace what Google offers. Not only that, Google Play has a much wider range of applications that include a huge number of games and software not available in the AppGallery, the part of programs from a corporate directory Huawei is banal does not work on smartphones without Google Mobile Services. And, I must say that refuse to work quite common applications that are in high demand, like the personal account of MTS subscriber, etc.

Should I refuse to Huawei

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New smartphones Huawei initially had no Google services, and old without the bottom harder

Someone will probably say that the owners of older smartphones Huawei, which can take away access to Google Play, over time will get used and will cost only AppGallery. But this is a question that requires a deeper understanding than it might seem at first glance. After all, buyers of the novelties of Huawei deliberately made their choice in their favor, in advance knowing that they will not be able to use Google services. And we – those who bought the “normal” devices – such choice did not.

Now Huawei pretends that nothing happened, promising to maintain and updates, and access Google services for their smartphones. But the fact that the license which gave the company right to do, expired, and guarantee that Huawei will be able to negotiate with the United States on the extension of her actions, neither she nor we have. Therefore, it is logical to assume that many will simply go to the smartphone competitors. Personally, I will do so, if only from firmware my Honor View 20 lost Google services.

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