Wahl clipper Magic Clip Review (2021)

In our hair clipper test, mainly products from the well-known manufacturer Panasonic dominate. But there are other brands that offer haircut products at home. This includes the choice of Magic Clip hair clippers. Our choice of hair clipper Magic Clip test will tell you whether the device is really a little magic trick and magical. Just read on and you will find out how this long hair clipper performed in the practical test …

Wahl Magic Clip compact clipper

How to magically learn the greatest weaknesses and outstanding strengths of choosing Magic Clip hair clipper? This is not a problem. All you have to do is read our compact summary of the pros and cons – Simsalabim!


  • large cutting area up to 25 mm in length
  • long battery life of up to 90 minutes
  • large scope of delivery
  • nostalgic design
  • Crunch blade blades


  • Cutting result not at the top level
  • quite loud
  • Design does not suit everyone

Scope of delivery:

  • Wahl Magic Clip clipper
  • 8 premium attachment combs (1.5, 3, 4.5, 6, 10, 13, 19 and 25 mm)
  • Safety brush for the blade
  • Blade protection
  • oil
  • Cleaning brush
  • charger

Design and equipment

When we saw the Wahl hair clipper with the model name Magic Clip for the first time and held it in our hands, another brand name inevitably came to mind: KitchenAid. Where the connection between the well-known manufacturer of kitchen appliances and this professional hair clipper comes from can be explained by the design. As with KitchenAid and their somewhat antique-looking kitchen machines, the design of this hair machine also falls out of the broad test mass. The device with its wine-red housing is simply noticeable in the otherwise more technical looking devices in black and silver-colored plastic. Whether you like the device optically or not is a purely subjective matter of taste. We don’t find the device particularly pretty now, so it doesn’t quite suit our taste. But there is a pleasant splash of color in the otherwise rather dreary hair clipper landscape. And that’s really not wrong …

The integrated lithium battery is convincing in any case. This not only comes without a memory effect and thus does not lose its performance over time. But it also lasts up to 90 minutes. Together with the Moser ChromStyle Pro hair clipper, this is the longest battery life of the best hair clippers in our large test. The device is charged using the included power supply unit with a cable length of 2.4 m. Even when the battery is running from the mains, this offers sufficient freedom of movement – provided that a socket is nearby. As an alternative to the wireless version with a battery, the Magic Clip is also available as a wired version. Although it offers significantly less freedom of movement, it is only about half as expensive.

The cutting performance

With its special Crunch Blade blades, the DC motor rotating at 5,500 revolutions per minute and a cutting width of 40 mm, the Wahl Magic Clip hair clipper works very precisely and accurately. The hair is clipped neatly, which ensures a clean cut. Here, the device is hardly inferior to many other professional-level hair clippers. In the end, however, the cutting performance was not as convincing as it was B. was the case with the ER-GP80 professional hair clipper from Panasonic. But it is not for nothing that it became the test winner in our large hair clipper test – a success that the choice of hair clipper (to anticipate) is denied. The reasons for this include the relatively high volume during operation and the not particularly good feel and ergonomics.

However, the device can definitely convince with its large cutting area. Thanks to the 8 different attachment combs, a cutting area of ​​up to 25 mm is possible. This is a really good value that hardly any other hair clippers can match. The cutting length of the device even without the attachment comb is a good 0.8 to 2.5 mm, which is sufficient for all kinds of short hairstyles. If the attachment combs are used, the device even becomes a long hair trimmer. Because the 8 different combs have lengths of 1.5, 3, 4.5, 6, 10, 13, 19 and 25 mm, so that this professional hair clipper can really be used in a variety of ways. However, primarily in the area of ​​the hair on the top of the head. Because as a beard trimmer, the choice of hair clipper was not so convincing. That’s a shame, because we are fans of multifunctional devices that not only shape hairstyles, but also beards and thus save you from buying another beard trimmer.

The cleaning

When it comes to cleaning, the choice hair clipper with the magical name Magic Clip hardly differs from the competition. Rinsing off hair residues under the tap is absolutely not recommended here – provided that you want to enjoy the device for longer. Instead, the enclosed cleaning brush and the safety brush for the blades are also used here. This is a bit of a fiddly manual work, but the usual cleaning method for hair clippers. And while we have just mentioned the scope of delivery, we do not want to hide the fact that in addition to the two brushes as well as the device and charger, a blade protection for safe transport and storage as well as a little oil to lubricate the blades are included.

Price-performance ratio

In the case of the upper class hair clippers with a purchase price of over 100 euros, the choice is the cheapest, the Magic Clip hair clipper in the cordless version with a purchase price of around 120 euros. The gap to the competition is not that great, it is only a few euros. Nevertheless, this is enough for the title “price winner” in our large hair clipper test.

Since the performance is not quite as good compared to the Panasonic ER-1611 professional hair clipper, which is only around 15 euros more expensive, it is not enough to become the “price / performance winner”. Nevertheless, the price / performance level is on a good level, which in addition to the low price is also due to the more than solid performance in the test. But there would have been a little more in here …

Wahl clipper Magic Clip test conclusion

Especially for fans of modern devices with a nostalgic design, choosing the Magic Clip hair clipper is definitely worth a look. But apart from its eye-catching appearance, the device can also score as a long hair trimmer with a large length range and a long battery life. A few other things aren’t quite that top-notch. But the price in the upper-class hair clipper segment is the cheapest. All of this is not enough for a place at the top of the test field. But a good fifth place is worth all the credit for choosing the Magic Clip hair clipper.

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