WhatsApp Material D2 APK 1.5 Download Latest

Whatsapp mod has now become an application that is much sought after by WhatsApp users. There are many WhatsApp modifications in circulation, such as GBWhatsApp, YoWhatsApp, and many more. Now, we have comes with the latest material designed app named WhatsApp Material D2 APK by the popular Richar Correa – a developer of RCYOWA.

The number of WA Mod versions in circulation certainly makes users more confused to determine which one to use. In addition, there are now other MODIFICATIONS WA, namely WhatsApp Material D2 APK. Curious about this Mod application? let’s check out the reviews.


What is WhatsApp Material D2 APK?

Nowadays there are a lot of outstanding WA Mods that we can use, but all of them have their own lack and advantages. For those of you who are confused to find out which version of WhatsApp mod apk to use, WhatsApp Material D2 APK will be the right choice.

This app, developed by Richar Correa offers a variety of interesting features that you won’t get from the original WhatsApp. In addition, the app is also still actively updating its features. For that, you will not regret it anymore once you start using it.

APK Details

NameWhatsApp Material D2
DeveloperRichar Correa
Size50 MB
Last updatedJanuary 10, 2021

Download WhatsApp Material D2 APK Mod Latest Version for Android

After reading the reviews and features of WhatsApp Material D2, it certainly makes you more interested, right? for that directly you guys download Apk via the link below:

The use of wa mod apk is very easy; besides the users do not need to root the device used first. So you can directly install and start chatting and use the featured features in this apk.



The app is a suitable application for Mod users. This app has a variety of interesting features that are not available in the original WA version. The following features are the options that we can get.

Hiding Typing Information

“Typing” information is trivial, but not a few people want to eliminate it. If you are among those who want to hide the information, then with this WhatsApp d2 you can do it.

Anti Delete Message

For this, one feature is the most searched. With this feature, you will be able to read deleted messages.

Hiding Online Status

When we open WhatsApp then there will be information “online”, then someone else knows that we are opening WA. Some people want to hide it for some reason. So with this WA Mod application, the information is online can be hidden. Not only that, but you can also filter out who can see your online status.

Changing the Theme

In official WA, we will not be able to change the theme of the application. But with WhatsApp d2 you can change the theme to your liking. With this feature, you won’t get bored easily with the simple LOOK of WA, and that’s it.

Longer WA Status Duration

WhatsApp has a status sharing feature in the form of videos, images, and text. However, the video’s duration that can be shared is very limited, only about 30 seconds. But by using Material WA, you will get a longer duration, which is about 7 minutes.

Send Lots of Files with Larger Size

When we send an image or video format file, the number and size are limited. However, with this WA Mod, you can send unlimited files.

Hide Message Status

On the original WhatsApp, we cannot hide the status report of the read message. To mark a read message, a blue check 2 icon will appear. If we don’t want to know by the sender that the message they sent has been read, we can set it up.

In addition to the readable report marked with 2 blue ticks, Whatsapp will also provide a “typing” report. Thus the sender of the message will know our activities, whether just reading or something else.

Many users want to hide the report, but no setting option hides the “writing” report in standard WA. Therefore, you can use WhatsApp Material D2 to enable the hide message reports and “typing” status settings.


Many are worried about being banned when using WhatsApp mod. But with this WhatsApp Material D2, you don’t have to worry about that, because it has an anti banned feature.

How to Install APK?

Installing is also fairly easy even though this apk is a third-party application, you just have to allow the device to install from an unknown source, thus the device will perform the installation process.

To make it easier here are the steps to install APK on android:

  • Please download WhatsApp Material D2 Apk via the link above.
  • Next, you go to Mobile Settings, select Security, then turn on Unknown sources.
  • Open the downloaded storage folder, search Whatsapp D2 apk then install.

Anti Banned Way

To avoid wa being banned when using this mod, you can follow these steps:

  • Run WhatsApp Material D2 application
  • Select YoMods
  • Then you go to the Update menu and choose Check for Updates
  • Check if there are any updates offered, if there is directly you click Web Download to download the latest version of WhatsApp Material D2.
  • Reinstall the application

That’s the way it can be done to avoid being banned from WA accounts. Even if you practice what we’ve shared, you still have to be careful. For that we recommend that you use another number, do not use your primary WA number.

Tips on Using WhatsApp Material D2

For those of you who want to use wa mod apk it is better to use the second number to make it more secure, because using a third application is very risky even though there is an anti banned feature or something like that.

For that reason, in order to keep the account safe, it is good to use an account or backup number, so suppose there is an unwanted event such as being exposed to violations such as banned accounts because it is detected using mod apk, then the main account buddy is still safe.

This method is usually used by people in general when using apks such as cheats or mods that do violate the policy. However, for those who use whatsapp mod apk is rarely heard from the account used terminated, but we also have to be just in case sob.

Final Words

That’s a little discussion about WhatsApp Material D2 with its various interesting features. You just download the application through the link that we have provided, thank you and good luck.

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