250 million users Huawei get upgrade to EMUI 11

When the manufacturer is preparing a new smartphone operating system, it is always interesting, but when it does the Huawei, it is interesting doubly. Then there is a soul twist, I wonder how the company will wriggle out of the situation and will offer something new. And just, Huawei often offered something interesting, and something that others do not. When a new version of EMUI, we have already said, but now the company has shared some interesting information according to which the new operating system will receive about a quarter of a billion users. Believe in it with difficulty, but the song words can not erase.

Not to say that with the release of EMUI 11 everything will change, but something will definitely be better.

When will EMUI 11

Currently, over 30 models of smartphones and tablets Huawei worldwide support EMUI 10.1. Their number, however, includes models for different market available under a different name. Overall, this version of the operating system users have taken quite well, but there are those who are left a bit dissatisfied. Maybe they where more like have new EMUI 11, which will be very soon and will be built on Android 11.

Previously Huawei has officially announced that September 10-12 this year, will host events in the conference HDC 2020, which will be presented to the user interface EMUI 11, the operating system HarmonyOS 2.0 and new features of mobile services Huawei (HMS Core 5.0). The latter should be even better to replace GMS from Google.

Very soon Google will release Android release version 11, which will form the basis of the shell EMUI 11. Various sources claim that the final version of EMUI 11 will be released in the fourth quarter of this year. The first smartphone that will work with it out of the box, will Huawei Mate 40. Apparently, his presentation is also to be held in September, but it is likely that he will arrive with substantial delay. Including this delay may be caused by the need to ”dopisivanje” EMUI 11. In any case, if the smartphone is really present in September, you can buy it will be later in October.

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Huawei Mate EMUI 40 and 11

When Huawei Mate 40 will be released, will be the turn of other models of smartphones and tablets that will support the new version of the software. It is expected that ultimately EMUI 11 can be installed more than 40 models of smart phones Chinese brand. Sounds nice, but it is not very clear what it will be for the model. Among them will certainly be those issued not more than two years ago, but are likely to be exceptions. So you can count on the support of some new models from three years ago.

The company gives a very optimistic forecast that the number of users who will be able to install EMUI 11 exceeds 250 million people. Apparently, the company just analyzed, smartphones, and which models are currently active, and see how many of them are included in the list of planned device support.

When they show the phones, it’s interesting, but the presentation of the operating system are not less interesting.

The Conference Huawei Developer Conference 2020

In an official statement, Huawei stated that the developers conference Huawei Developer Conference 2020 will be held from 10 to 12 September. According to the official report Huawei on Weibo, the company will share the latest developments of the HMS Core 5.0. It will also reveal the secret HarmonyOS and EMUI 11. The company promises exciting new technologies, exchange of experience and learning opportunities.

7 main regions HMS is fully opened, more than 10 platforms, applications, and our global stimulus plans to support 1.6 million developers. The cross-terminal services encompass 700 million users.

HarmonyOS violate the boundaries of communication and make a full-fledged intellectual experience more readily available.

Global service network helps developers to embrace the world. Build new infrastructure and start a new life together.

The event will have to attend all of the top managers of Huawei. Not only Director General Ren Jenifabut will Yu Cendon, van Changlu, Zhang Pingan and Shao Yang. According to “Science Daily Innovation Board”, shown at Huawei Developer Conference 2020 Harmony 2.0 will be able to close many of the needs of users. This is a system for PC, smart watches, and cars. However, HarmonyOS still just not ready for smartphones.

On the work HarmonyOS on phones to speak while early.
HMS Core 5.0 now available for developers around the world. HMS Core 5.0 can provide services covering the seven key areas. These areas include application services, graphics, media, AI, intelligent terminals, security, and the system itself. But just work on the device, its new features should more fully disclosed when working in the field of cloud technologies, providing deeper integration between devices and services.

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