Best free Android games of the first half of 2021

If a person says that he doesn’t like games on mobile — don’t believe him. Most likely, somewhere, flipped through to the last screen of his desktop, you will find a hidden puzzle or ”three in a row.” All due to the fact that the smartphone is the ideal place for simple games. He at any moment at hand, always gives you the opportunity to pass the time on the road or not to read the label of refresher you know where. And very often games for smartphones distributed free of charge. This is also a big plus, and today we will talk about free games that are not ashamed to recommend to friends or to play yourself. I note that some of the games will contain in-app purchases, but they do not affect gameplay.

Free games

Free games is always good. But what are they?

Free games for Android

Free games in Google Play are many, but today we talk about relatively new games that appeared and received a major upgrade in 2020. If you know of other interesting games that you can recommend, write their name in the comments or in our Telegram chat.

Lift ALTERS — pure retro

The game ALTERS the Lift developed by Fivestones Games, make something that you will not be able to many other games. It takes you into the retro-futuristic universe, which is a bit surprising with its atmosphere and addictive gameplay.

In this universe you have to solve puzzles and participate in a long adventure. The game offers interesting gameplay mechanicthat allows you to resize, to modify the map and to overcome obstacles.

Download Lift ALTERS

Sky: Children of the Light — all just beautiful

Sky: Children of the Light — an indie game from Studio Thatgamecompany. The original game was released for iOS, but after a while appeared for Android. I had to wait about a year.

Music and graphics are beautiful, and the overall atmosphere is amazing. You play as a tiny character, the Child of Light that moves across a giant magical landscapes. The aim of the game is to collect spirits, but overall this game is dedicated to contemplative study.Download star wars: Children of the Light

Life is Strange Mobile — many will remember

Life is Strange broke many hearts when it was released for PC and consoles in 2015. This graphically beautiful game combines the mystical mystery with an emotional and exciting human drama.

Life is Strange puts you in the shoes of students in high school, a keen photographer and recently returned to his hometown. She witnessed the murder of the girl and then she finds out he can rewind the time. This allows her to change the events of the past.

This is a story game where your choices really matters. You are the heroine on the scene, interact with objects and characters and make decisions that change history. All events in the game is made to surprise you.

Download Life is Strange Mobile

Plants vs Zombies 2 — the zombies

This is one of the free games in which all is as it should be. It has a detailed and colorful graphic style with lots of tactical possibilities. There are also a large variety of worlds in which the player is given a variety of tasks. The game includes mini-games in the style of tower defense.

Here you can place a variety of plants from sunflowers, giving energy to the guns of peas and carnivorous plants in the back yard with a size of 5 x 9. You have to confront the zombies and protect their territory.

Download Plants vs Zombies 2

Alto’s Odyssey — the long awaited sequel

The long awaited sequel Alto’s Adventure contains all the signature elements of the original — interesting levels, exciting music, gameplay and much more.

More than anything compared to other games with continuous movement, forward it allocates the atmosphere. The levels are really beautiful, and the alternation of day and night and weather conditions will not only add diversity to the gameplay, but also add a sense of living in a fantasy world. Music is also at a height and gives you extra immersion in the game.

In Alto’s Odyssey is free to play, but between levels you will see advertising, which can be removed for little money. There are other in-game purchases, but without them it is possible to play this game.

Download Alto’s Odyssey

Grimvalor — something classic

Grimvalor is a game in the style of ”Metroidvania” with side scrolling, in which a lot many things will be familiar if you played games from the series Souls, Fromsoftware. Thanks to the well implemented touch controls, the action is fast and aggressive encourages timely combos and evading attacks.

The game contains many secrets that you can find to explore hidden areas. You will be able to gain new abilities and experience to customize your character. Increasing the level of your character allows you to increase the power, speed and other skills. In the end, it will be easier to defeat opponents. Additional freshness to the game adds a variety of weapons that can be used.

Grimvalor not entirely free, but some time it is really possible to play without paying a penny. The free game will be enough for a few hours, and then you make your choice.

Download Grimvalor

Street Fighter Fighter IV is a good fighting game

Do not forget we are talking about fighting games. For example, about the good old Street Fighter. The classic fighting series, Capcom gives a good fight on mobile devices, though, if you played on consoles, you may have questions to the chart.

Street Fighter IV: Champion Edition unlike many fighting games on mobile devices, does not have a system to receive daily rewards. As there are no other elements that can be called the attribute of gambling

As in the previous game, you can make in-app purchases, but it is still correctly attributed to free. You can not disburse the continuation of the game and play normally in the initial stages for a long time. For beginners or those who are not convenient touch control, there are various functions that make it easier to perform special moves. But it’s all you see in the game.

Download Street Fighter Fighter IV

Call of Duty: Mobile the cold

In the world of first person shooters (although, in some modes of this game are the options) there is no more major brands than Call of Duty. Mega-franchise is now available on mobile devices, so you can download and play on any device, be it iOS or Android.

The game uses the model of free-to-play, and you get a lot of games, all without paying. I play it for about six months and during that time paid nothing. You can buy skins or some kind of weapon, but it is possible to win. Simply put, the game is really free. She offers you to spend the money, but you simply disagree.

Download Call of Duty: Mobile

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