How to Delete the Latest Instagram Account (2021)

Instagram app is still the choice of millions of people who want to share their story, photos and videos, using IG we can connect with many people from the world. It can be said that this app has a lot of users, even Instagram now is at 5th place with the biggest users.

Instagram can bring you away. However, this social media can cause negative things like depression, bullying and other problems. It makes some people want to leave or close their accounts. Well, here’s how to delete your Instagram account quickly and accurately.


Tips before deleting your account

Before deleting your social media accounts, there are things to be aware of. One is asking if this is the right decision? If it has been steady, then just choose whether or not to delete it temporarily or permanently. If it takes time to answer, take your time!

If you delete Instagram (IG) temporarily, your account will only turn off during unused use. This option is suitable for people who want to leave for a moment from social media. When the rest is sosmed, then the user can reuse. If only temporarily, record your username and password.

This is especially important considering that without these two points, users can’t log in to Instagram. The option is special for IG owners who hooked play sosmed but are feeling bored or tired for a moment. However, if you do want to obliterate your favorite account, feel free to delete it forever.

The consequence of deleting Instagram is that it can no longer open it again if one moment miss it. For this reason, the account has been permanently deleted. This is certainly a stifling thing. Therefore, think of it so that later in the day do not feel regret.

Reasons to remove Instagram

There are a variety of reasons why a person wants to remove Instagram. The lightest cause is because it is too busy or is already bored with this one sosmed. In addition, users who are worried about advertising can also disconnect from social media.

The reason for deleting another Instagram is because no friends can follow. Perhaps, friends or relatives do not use social media so it feels less comfortable when playing with this application.

In addition, another cause of deleting social media is because it has other accounts. Users of this type want to focus on managing 1 Instagram only. Unfortunately, some have decided to obliterate permanently with ‘ privacy ‘ reasons.

Privacy ‘ because the owner doesn’t want to share the reason in detail why it deletes their account. It could be that he felt saturated or involved in a problem that he did not want to tell. That’s a variety of reasons people remove IG.

How to delete an Instagram account

There are a variety of ways that you can get rid of this Instagram or IG account, from some of the ways that we will give this time, you can delete forever or a temporary one.

Deleting Via Web

There are many reasons why someone decides to remove his Instagram, from finding tranquility to acute stress. If you want to leave a moment away from social media but do not want to remove it permanently, it is better to delete it temporarily or temporarily deactivate it. It is quite easy that is as follows.

The first thing is to log into your Instagram account via web. It’s not difficult. Go to your Google page and type Next, login by entering username and password. Once successful, switch to Profile immediately. Then click on Edit Profile at the top.

Next, scroll down until the Temporarily Disable My Account menu appears in light blue. Click the menu until the page changes. If you agree to temporarily deactivate it, your account will be hidden until you sign in again.

If steady do so, immediately fill in the fields that contain asking why disabling Instagram. There are several reasons, among them because it is busy, it takes rest and privacy. Choose what you want. After selecting, immediately fill in the password. Soon the IG account was deactivated.

Deleting Instagram Via Android

In addition to the website, you are allowed to deactivate the temporary IG beloved via HP. This is more practical because it can be done anywhere without carrying a laptop or computer. Only armed with gadgets, it can be temporarily removed. Then, how do I delete my Instagram account?

First, open the Instagram app. If the account is still not open, you are required to login first. The input username and password are required. Please fill out and do not enter the data incorrectly. Because, IG party will ask the user to re-input. It will be a little waste of time.

Next, you’ll see the Instagram feed view. Then, switch to the Profile section. Users can find it at the bottom of the right corner with the people icon. Then, click the Edit Profile Menu that appears. Scroll to the bottom and find the Temporarily Disable My Account script.

The next step is to fill in the reason why users want to disable Instagram. There are 13 reasons you can choose, for example Privacy. After inputting, you are required to fill the password IG. Shortly thereafter the account was temporarily disabled. Easy is not it?

Permanently deleting your Instagram account Via Web

There are many reasons why someone would want to remove his Instagram, from getting bored to disturbing privacy. Talk about this, the deletion can be done via the web. It’s very easy. Users are required to enter help. It is a Help center page.

Next select Manage your account. These options can be found on the left side of the page. Then, go ahead and click Delete Account. There are 3 options, but choose how do I delete my Instagram account. Then, read the text that appears slowly.

Among the text there is a blue inscription that says delete your account page. If the user hasn’t signed up for Instagram, then sign in first. If successful, there is a question Why are you deleting your account. There are 9 answers there.

Choose one of the reasons by clicking on the answer. Before you do the last stage, make sure you want to delete it because it won’t return. The next step is to input the password and username. Then click Permanently Delete My Account and the Instagram account disappears.

Permanently deleting Instagram Via Android

Want to quickly delete Instagram? Use Android. This is more practical because it does not require laptops. The first way is to open the IG app. Then Login first with the input password and username. Next, you can go directly to the Profile section.

Then, click the 3-dot icon located on the top right corner. In the menu, select Help Center. Soon you will be directed to the Help Center page. On the page immediately select Manage your account. Next, there will appear 3 options options.

If you want to permanently delete your Instagram account, select how do I delete my account. Then continue the process by clicking Delete your Account page. The page contains questions why you may want to remove IG permanently. Just choose one.

Next step, fill in your Instagram password or password. Once done, the last step is permanently delete my Account tab. A few seconds later your IG account is gone from circulation. Now users can be free without social media.


So how to delete an Instagram account you can do. You can use your favorite Web or Android. In addition, there are two options if you want to delete temporarily or permanently. Be sure to weigh it in before doing so as not to regret it later.

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