How to Download Free Fire Max Beta without Garena Invitation

The graphical display of Free Fire often becomes a mockey for other gamers, it is because it can be said this game has a graphical sense that is still below the average of other survival Royale games, when it can be said this is one of the keys to the success of Free Fire games, because so this game can get into middle class down, so that the HP potato can feel the excitement

Surviving for the past few years as a best-selling game, it doesn’t make Garena a big chest, a variety of efforts and ways to get them to not leave the playback, such as adding new characters, holding rewarded events, fixing bugs so that there is no cheater and much more.

For those of you who miss this game with Ultra Super HD graphics of Free Fire, then you can now start to download this game, this developer has now released Garena Free Fire Max is a game with a very high-quality graphics in its class so that besides being able to compensate also can get the Battle Royale games other HD graphics.


Free Fire Max Closed Beta

This game itself began to be crowded when there are a lot of videos on YouTube discussing this game, in neighboring countries such as Malaysia and Singapore the player Free Fire can already feel this game, and from the information that can be seen in the video is true if the graphics of free fire is very ultra super HD.

Whether the time generation HP potato can play Battle Royale games will end here, or the free Fire Max is a version that can be used HP that has a spec wait, then we just waiting for the answer when this free fire Max is officially released.

What’s the difference with regular Free Fire

There may be curious about what is a differentiator between free fire Max with the usual version, besides with new graphics, in this Max FF has a different effect that there is when you use a weapon, in addition to this game there is a 8x scope so you can shoot more accurately.

In addition, we will also feel the advantages of this Max FF when driving a car where the graphics feel more detailed.

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How to Download Free Fire Max without Garena invitations


To play this game in fact not all players can be lucky, because Garena party that will determine who can try Free Fire Max, but before Garena choose the player that they will give a chance, then they will send in advance the way of registration to be able to download this Free Fire Max.

Once we have successfully registered then we will get an inbox on the in mail game that contains an invitation to download the game with this ultra Super HD graphics, and what needs to be underlined is the invitation is only valid for foreign servers there.

What about the Indonesian servers?

This invitation has not been applied on our server, but you still can play free fire max Beta apk without having an invitation, because we will share apk and also obb that you can use to try how fun this game.

What does it take to play free fire Max?

So that we can play this free fire Max Then there are some things you should know, not only the file apk and Obb only but we also have to have an activation code that has previously been given by Garena, and for the APK FF Max and obb you can download below:

You can also download the OBB from this game on the link below.

In addition to the above way, to be able to try this game then you can borrow the accounts of your friends who are in neighbouring countries such as Malaysia and Singapore.

Free Fire itself is quite often enough to surprise the form of events, for the code to redeem or update advance server, which when you have the opportunity to play the game then you also have the opportunity to get a prize in the form of diamonds if you can get a bug in the game.

Free Fire Max Beta apk has a very high graphical display, so it requires a high enough HP spec anyway.

Recommended Smartphone Specifications

With Ultra Super HD graphic display of course not all smartphones can play this game, then what is the recommended spec to play this free fire max, here is more:

  • Ram 3GB
  • A minimum Octa-core 1.5 Ghz processor
  • Has 3GB of free space
  • Android OS Ice Cream sandwich or higher

If the spec that you use already meet the criteria above then you can try it, but if the spec is still below as we recommend it will be free download this ff max because when you play then that happens is the lag so it can make you feel annoyed.


For you, a player Free Fire is already acquainted with one of the very famous games FF YouTuber namely Rendy Rangers, in that video YouTuber this one explains some of the advantages of Free Fire Max one of which is the effect of car graphics guns and much more.

Maybe quite a few reviews that we can share this time about how to download free fire max Beta apk without an invitation from Garena, by applying the way we have shared above, hopefully you can play this free fire max.

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