Fan heater Review 2021 – The 8 best fan heaters

When temperatures drop, fan heaters are very popular in German households. You can temporarily ensure a cozy warmth, regardless of the time of day. There are special fan heaters that can also be used in bathrooms, as well as heaters that also ensure more degrees at night. The fan heater test showed the various advantages and disadvantages.

How to operate a fan heater safely

Before we get into the fan heaters we tested, let’s talk about how to use fan heaters safely. The electrical appliances generate heat and this can have undesirable side effects if fan heaters are not used properly. Here are a few points that you should keep in mind for the safe use of fan heaters.

What should you watch out for when operating the heater?

Be aware that the fan heater can get very hot. The distance between the fan heater and walls, furniture and flammable products must also be kept high. Various materials such as fabrics or papers (newspapers, books) could catch fire as a result of the heat generated.

The fan heater must be on a solid floor, so high-pile carpets should also be avoided. On the one hand, it should be prevented from falling over easily, on the other hand, many fan heaters have an anti-tip device that requires a solid floor.

Do not leave pets and children alone in a room with the fan heater.

What safeguards does a fan heater have to offer for safe operation?

A fan heater should turn off automatically when the desired temperature is reached. This reduces the risk of overheating in the room and at the same time the fan can cool itself down again and again.

The anti-tip device already mentioned offers more security. As soon as the fan heater is tilted or falls over, the device switches off. This ensures that the device will not ignite if it falls over.

Electronic devices should have a CE mark. The additional GS mark, which stands for tested safety, offers a little more protection.

WINTER SPECIAL OFFER 4UMOR heater ceramic ...

The special feature of this device in the fan heater test is the oscillation function, which can also be switched off. The fan heater rotates through 70 degrees so that the heat supply is distributed into the room. The black fan heater has 2 rotary knobs for operation. One is for setting the heat, the other for setting the heating mode with 750 watts and 1500 watts and the cold air blower. The cold air blower simply blows the room air, nothing is additionally cooled.

The 4UMOR fan heater is normally loud when in use and also has a very strong smell at the beginning. Therefore you should let the fan run a little first in a well-ventilated room or a dry balcony. The operation is kept very simple and even with a weight of less than 2 kilograms you can easily move the fan heater to the required rooms. The front filter can be easily removed and cleaned easily. The fan switches off automatically when it has reached the desired temperature.

The most important properties at a glance:

  • CE mark & ​​GS mark
  • Anti-tip
  • Automatic shutdown
  • The filter can be washed off
  • Lightweight and portable
  • 2 heating modes & 1 cooling mode
  • Rotates 70 degrees

7. Pro Breeze ™ mini fan heater with 4 modes of operation

Pro Breeze ™ 2000W Mini Ceramic Fan Heater with ...

The Pro Breeze fan heater in the test has 4 operating modes and a 60-degree oscillation. It is very handy and compact and weighs less than 2 kilograms. Due to the 60-degree rotation, the heater enables pleasant heat distribution in the room. This rotation can also be switched off. The 4 operating modes are low (1200 watts), high (2000 watts) as well as low with rotation and high with rotation. The second knob on the device is responsible for setting the heat.

With its 2000 watts, the fan heater makes it very easy to quickly make smaller rooms cozy. As with all, this one can smell bad the first time you use it. The cable is long enough to be able to set it up flexibly in rooms. The operation is kept very simple and with the knock-over safety switch and the overheating protection is also ensured. The fan heater also has a CE mark, but not a GS mark.

The main features:

  • CE mark
  • Knock-over safety switch
  • Overheating protection
  • Rotates 60 degrees
  • 4 operating modes
  • Automatic shutdown
  • Lightweight & portable

6. DH-QN05 fan heater with fan

DH-QN05 fan heater with PTC ceramic heating element 950W / ...

In this fan heater test, emphasis was placed on a variety of devices. There are some fan heaters that also have a fan function. So also the DH-QN05, which also has 2 heating modes. It rotates 90 degrees and distributes the warmth pleasantly in the room. In addition to the CE mark, this fan heater is also RoHS certified. At just over 1 kilogram, it is a real lightweight and the size is compact enough to be able to stand on a table.

The fan heater has 3 temperature settings, overheating protection and tilt protection (the device switches off if it tips over). The 3 modes with normal (950 watts), low (650 watts) and fan (5 watts) can be easily set at the push of a button. The modes can also be identified visually by means of a red or blue light. The manufacturer also states directly that this tested fan heater must not be used in damp rooms such as bathrooms. It is suitable for small rooms and for direct warmth with cold feet or while working at the desk. Unfortunately, this device does not turn off when it has reached the desired temperature.

The main features:

  • CE mark & ​​RoHS certified
  • 3 heat modes
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Rotates 90 degrees
  • Overheating protection
  • Anti-tip

5. Honeywell heating giant with frost protection function

Honeywell CZ2104EV2 heating giant / power heater in ...

With its 2500 watts, the Honeywell heater can do a lot. There is also a frost protection function that automatically switches on the fan when the room temperature is below +5 ° C. The temperature setting is infinitely variable and in addition to 2 heating modes, the fan can also be used for cold fans.

The 2 rotary knobs keep it very easy to use. There is also a light that the fan is in operation and a malfunction light. In the safety area, there is also a child safety switch, overheating protection and a tilt safety device that automatically switches off the fan heater in the test if it tilts. At almost 4 kilograms, the fan heater is a little heavier, but thanks to the handle it can be adjusted quickly and easily.

The main features:

  • 2 heating modes
  • Child safety switch
  • Overheating protection
  • Anti-tip device
  • Antifreeze
  • Carrying handle

4. Rowenta Fan Heater Instant Comfort with two power levels

Rowenta SO2320 Instant Comfort Compact 2000 ...

In addition to the two power levels, the Rowenta fan heater also offers a cooling function, which ventilates the room air. The compact size and its almost 2 kilograms make it ideal for the rooms in the house. It should not be used in the bathroom; Rowenta offers special fan heaters for this.

Using the two rotary controls is very easy. One controller is for the stepless adjustment of the heat, the second can be set to cold air, level 1 in very quiet operation (1000 watts) and level 2 with full power (2000 watts). The fan heater has a CE mark as well as overheating protection. The device also turns off if it tips over. With the elegant design and the ideal cable length, the fan heater can be used flexibly in living rooms.

The most important properties in this fan heater test:

  • CE mark
  • 2 levels & cold air
  • Overheating protection
  • Tip-over protection

3. DOUHE radiant heater with oscillation function

Fan heater, DOUHE heating, electric heating, energy-saving ...

This fan heater rotates again by 90 degrees (45 degrees each left and right) and offers 3 modes with cold air. The small tower has a separate on / off switch on the back, but is also switched on / off at the top. Nevertheless, you should always disconnect the fan heater from the power supply if you do not use it for a long time. The rotary movement can be switched off and the strength is regulated at the push of a button.

At level 1 (low heating output) the device offers 600 watts, at level 2 (high heating output) 950 watts. The volume is acceptable at both levels and not too loud. You should also let this heater run initially in a well-ventilated room so that it can smell out. The fan heater has overheating protection and tilt protection. Unfortunately, the cable is only a little over a meter, so that the fan heater always has to be near a socket.

The most important features in this fan heater test:

  • Rotatable 90 degrees
  • 2 heating modes & fan
  • Short cable
  • Overheating protection
  • Tip-over protection
  • Separate on / off switch on the back

2. Honeywell HZ-510E fan heater test

Honeywell HZ-510E ceramic fan heater in red / chrome, ...

The highlight of this fan heater are the front feet, which can be adjusted in height. This moves the beam angle upwards, which moves the warm air upwards. The 2.5 kg fan can be easily transported with the handy handle. The look with bright red and chrome is of course also something special among fans. Like the other fan heater from Honeywell in the fan heater comparison, this one also has an automatic frost protection.

With two rotary controls, the heating level and heating power can be set. The heating power on level 1 is 1100 watts, on level 2 1800 watts. The heating level is continuously adjusted using the rotary control. The device also has an indicator light that shows whether the device is switched on. The look in the retro design is of course the blast with this fan heater and gives it a very special charm.

The main features:

  • Front height adjustable feet
  • 2 heating levels (1100 + 1800 watts)
  • Indicator light
  • Automatic frost protection
  • Tip-over protection
  • Bright retro design

1. Rowenta CO3035 convector heater with 2400 watts and frost protection

Rowenta CO3035 Convector Heater, Two ...

The Rowenta heater has a turbo function with which a lot of heat develops quickly thanks to the 2400 watts. But for longer operation, the 1200 watts on level 1 should be sufficient. The air here mainly escapes to the front, which gives a good air distribution given its height. At almost 5 kilograms, the fan heater was one of the heaviest of its kind in the test, but thanks to the handle, it is also easy to carry.

The operation is very simple, the two rotary controls are on the side. The heating intensity can be set in two stages with one controller, the heating output is continuously adjusted using a rotary control. There is also an indicator light on the side that shows whether the device is switched on. The fan heater has overheating protection, but is the only fan heater that has been tested without tip-over protection. With children or pets, special care must be taken here.

The main features:

  • 2 levels, one of them turbo
  • 5 kilograms weight
  • Overheating protection
  • No overturning protection
  • Control lamp

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