How to install AltStore for iPhone to download external applications without jailbreak

AltStore is a tool that supports app installation that can be replaced for the App Store. Allows you to download IPA apps without using Apple. AltStore is the home where Testut created the Delta emulator, which allows you to play classic Game Boy, Super Nintendo, Nintendo 64 and some other games on iOS. This article will guide you to install AltStore on your iPhone.

What is AltStore?

AltStore uses Apple ID itself to recognize apps that are not yet allowed to be installed on your device. It’s perfectly legal, and you won’t have to worry about certification being revoked by Apple, which happens quite often when using a service based solely on recognition from that app developer.

The only weakness is that the app in AltStore must be re-certified every 7 days. Without these certifications, your application will expire and will not work until the certification is refreshed. However, the AltStore Server you install in the machine will automatically help you do this job.

How to Install Altstore?

You need a computer to install AltStore for iPhone, which comes preinstalled with iTunes and iCloud. If you don’t already have iTunes and iCloud on your computer, tap the link below to download it.

Note: Download the apple version, not from Microsoft Store.

Step 1. Go to Altstore’s website, download the right version for your computer (Mac or Windows 10).

Step 2. Proceed to install AltStore on your computer. Then, connect your iPhone to your computer, tap the rhombus icon on Taskbar > Select Install AltStore > your iPhone/iPad.


Step 3. Sign in with your Apple ID. The Altstore installation on your iPhone will take place.

Sign in with your Apple ID

Step 4. After AltStore has been successfully installed on your iPhone (AltStore will show up on the home screen). You need to trust the app from the developer. Go to Settings > General Settings > Legal & Regulation > Trusted…


Step 5. Finally, you open AltStore on your iPhone, go to Settings, sign in to your previously used Apple ID account when installing the tool from your computer, and start using it.


In addition to Delta emulator games, you can add application sources, download other applications manually via AltStore easily.

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