How to Track WhatsApp Location (2021)

Doing location tracking via a social media app can be very useful in important times. For example, when planning to meet the meeting, or even your mobile phone is missing and do not know where, the way to track someone’s position is very important.

This time of Millennial era indeed smartphone that we have equipped with various advanced features and among them is GPS by installing this application we can easily find the way to a place or area. In addition to this GPS also we can do tracking one’s location.

In this review alone we would like to share tricks in line how to track someone’s position by using WhatsApp application. For this application itself has been a lot of use, we just read the full review.


How to track WhatsApp location?

Tracking people’s position through the WhatsApp app is actually quite easy, and even 3 options can be used, just choose which method is most suitable for use. Of course this step is not to be disused. For example, place tracking unilaterally. Here are some of those ways.

Using the Live Location feature:

The Live Location feature can be used when a user asks a second party to submit their most convenient location via WhatsApp. So far, this is the most widely used way because it effectively delivers routes accurately. Unfortunately, this address can only be accessed within a certain duration. Here are the ways or steps.

  • Enable the WhatsApp app.
  • Open the group or personal number you want to share your location with. Please enter on their chatroom.
  • Click the Paperclip icon in the Message field. Located in the bottom right.
  • Select a location option. It looks like a Google Maps icon.
  • Once the current location is open, wait a few moments until the location point is already in the appropriate section.
  • Because the active time of the location is limited, the user can reset the duration as desired.
  • Add a description of the message you want to convey (if any) at the bottom of the location right before the delivery symbol is pressed.
  • If it has been sent, the receiver can immediately open it and move to the place you want to go.

Using the HLR Lookup feature:

If you plan to use the HLR Lookup function or short of the Home Location Register, users will need to download the additional app first on Google Playstore. This relates to its primary function of tracking the allegedly fraudulent WhatsApp number. If you are interested in the number of a rogue location, here’s how to use it:

  • First, make sure that the Internet network on Android is well connected
  • Log into the Play Store app first to download HLR Lookup.
  • If the application is already installed, then enter the WhatsApp number into the field provided by HLR Lookup
  • Next click the Send button. Wait a few moments on the search process
  • If it is, it will show details of the location of the number, including the details of region code, country, city number and provider service.
  • If you want to share that information. Then the user can press the share button then select the recipient and click the Send button.

Some reports say that the information in this app is sometimes less accurate pointing to a single location. However, the list of listed place numbers can be found in more detail manually.

Using the Google Maps app:

Perhaps some people don’t yet know that sending locations through the WhatsApp app can take advantage of Google Maps features. In fact, the results are issued quite accurately as long as the Internet network signal is still adequate. Here’s the step to be able to use it:

  • First, open the Google Maps app
  • If it is, click the account image located in the upper right corner
  • Select the Location sharing section
  • Select the Share option button to friends. Users can set the active duration of the location or not even install it so that it is active until anytime.
  • Next click the option of WhatsApp app and destination number. Press the Send button. Now, location is well received.

That’s how we’re tracking someone’s position by leveraging the Google Maps app.

How to track Location using WhatsApp numbers?

Once you know what ways to know or easily share your current location with others through WhatsApp, this time the discussion will shift slightly to the trick of knowing whether someone or Android is in the app’s number easily.

How to track WhatsApp position is usually used when someone loses their handset so it is necessary to know where the position of the phone is. Before getting curious, here are some options for the app.

Track Android position with Share WhatsApp location feature

This step is best run when Android loses. The problem is often happening and will be fatal when the contents are important data. Smartphones that are in the wrong hands risk risking accounts, important data and other information. Here is how to track HP brought people to be stolen through WA:

  • Run the WhatsApp app
  • Choose one of the friends who will receive location information. Say called Si A
  • Perform the procedure to send the location as usual
  • If the coordinate point has not yet pointed at an accurate location, just click the monument or nearby location tracked on the map
  • Choose the longest time option in submitting location, which is 8 hours
  • When the position of HP Si B (the sender’s location) is lost, it can open the location message that he has shared to smartphones Si A earlier
  • Then reopen the location by clicking the “View Current Location” section
  • The coordinate point will continue to move even when the WhatsApp application is not in the opened state during the location sharing period is still running
  • To facilitate the search step, please tap the picture Si B that appears in the map of that location
  • The photo will then expand and the bottom reads “Get Directions”
  • Click the option directly.

If the smartphone is equipped with the Google Maps app, it will automatically open and indicate which way to go to the phone. But if the app does not exist yet, the owner is required to download first

Furthermore, with these directives the user can pursue where the handphonents are taken away. Don’t forget to try to bring the security to avoid things you don’t want.

WhatsApp Web Features

The next way is to use WhatsApp web. In this way, the user can know the existence of someone from the existence of his number. The trick is very appropriate to use when looking for a sister who does not come home playing with friends and similar patterned cases. Here’s how:

  • You can open WhatsApp app using WhatsApp web on PC or laptop
  • Open the last message of the person you want to track. The goal is to get an IP address from that goal
  • If it is already open, press the Ctrl + A + Del
  • After that, it will appear immediately dialog box or Task Manager. Immediately do the steps by typing the Win + R
  • In the dialog box that appears, type “cmd”, press Enter and then click the OK button
  • Wait a few moments until the cursor appears. Type in it “netstat-an” then directly enter
  • There will appear a row of numbers and similar letters IP addresses. Note the code.
  • The final step, open the address: on any online page. Can use Google Chrome, Mozilla, browser or other
  • Then enter the IP address to it. Wait a while until information about the location appears

Final Words

Whatsapp is indeed the media of the application that is now almost all over the world using it, the ease of using and there are a lot of features that are available to make people more mmeentrust this application for their communication means.

Maybe quite a few what we can share about how to track through WhatsApp, hopefully what we have shared this time can be useful for all of you.

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