I didn’t think… Google release a folding Pixel

When there is some kind of new technology, competitors of the manufacturer who invented it, are automatically split into two camps. Some ignore this technology, while others rush to copy it. If we talk about the technology of folding phones, it is not expressed explicit interest in it, only Apple and Google. First always go their way, but the second seems to have the cot. In their position have to grab for everything, and according to the latest information they’ve already begun to do so. If all goes well, as presented to us, we are waiting for interesting device, but the company additional sales. Moreover, she has enough money to work on the image, not the extraction of short-term gain from the sale of a particular smartphone.

I wonder about folding the Pixel, but most likely not so.

Folding phone Google Pixel

The information that we in the near future is waiting folding smartphone from Googlethat is not someone’s imagination, or some strange leak from the ”authoritative” analysis. The conclusion that the clamshell with the letter ”G” on the rear panel are contained in the document, which was leaked to our colleagues from Western media. In addition to the emergence of a new foldable smartphone, a document has information that allows to understand that we are waiting for Google Pixel 5a and Pixel Google 6.

In leaked document in fact, lists information from iOS to Android, which gives you an understanding of what to expect. In the end, even the code names of the models is sufficient in order to determine the prospects for the emergence of anything on the market.

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Except for references to earlier versions of Pixel, the document refers to devices with code names. For example, ”barbette” which is Google Pixel 5a. This suggests that the company has no plans to abandon the ”public sector” and will continue the series. The document mentions three other device code names which are translated into Russian as ”the Raven”, ”Oriole” and ”passport”.

It is noted that code names may differ from those that will be used on, but this is already enough information in order to learn all that we wanted.

Importantly, Google did not do such a thing?

Google Pixel 6

The first two are likely to be versions Google Pixel 6. No details yet, as even the Google Pixel 5 is not released yet, and the ”six” will be seen only in autumn next year. But many interesting things can be assumed about the model, code-named ”passport”.

This name is clearly difficult to call something other than books that will unfold like classic passport, known throughout the world. So the company may hint at the fact that she says something as important as a passport, and folding, as this little book.

In any case, such a device will appear not this year, and in the best case the following, but the company’s intention to do that is of interest. Given that Google could somehow turn the operating system, it just needs to do everything well. Importantly, all this was not a failure as some models of Google’s flagship Pixel.

So, it seems that next year we can expect Google phones series Pixel 5a and 6, but it is the first foldable smartphone. Of course, in the future things can change, but at the moment that suggests that the document. Considering that potential output is still far away, the company may reconsider doing it for a number of reasons. She could face technical difficulties, to give up on the concept, fix the demand for such models or just understand that the new product will be too expensive. All reasons for cancellation of operations and changes in plans of the company, but so far the information from the document gives us not covered by hope.

Not got used to innovations on how we adjust.

The company does not comment on it, although the journalists appealed to her for review. Response of its representative was simple and uncomplicated. He said he does not comment on rumors and speculation.

Perhaps some of you will remember that in the past year has slipped information about that Google is developing a foldable Pixel. Then she shared CNET. Head of the unit Pixel Mario Queiroz said at the time that the company is engaged only ”prototyping”.

He also noted that the company has been doing this for a long time, but she has no clear use case, the resulting research developments. It was a very long time and you have to understand that since things could have changed, because in the world of high technology, everything changes in just a few weeks or even days. What is there to say about a whole year? This time is sufficient in order to move from the abstract plans and patterns to specific developments. I would buy Google Pixel Fold (or whatever it will be called)

It only remains to add that the document also contains information that Google Pixel 4a 5G and Google Pixel 5 will appear in October. Google has already told that accidentally (or not) ”burned” the date of the presentation of the new flagship smartphone — 8 Oct.

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