Insta Aero APK v17.0.0 Download Latest (Official)

Insta Aero APK is a social media app such as the official version of Instagram that has been in attractive design and a variety of amazing features. This feature is only available in the Insta Aero app and you never find it on Instagram Official. Insta Aero itself modified or developed by the developer Hazar Bozkurt who is the developer of WhatsApp Aero app for Android. With a lot of theme features look and some easy use navigation, you can find.

We need to know for sure between you always open and use Instagram instead? In fact, Instagram is also one of the most common social media networking platforms people use to share their daily photos and videos, especially for today’s women to express their photos every day.


Download Insta Aero APK Latest Version for Android

On some issues found, Instagram Mod sometimes can not be used during login using the Facebook account, but for a modified version of Insta Aero, It can be used normally on my device. The emergence of several applications today that change the look of the display feature of the phone to Black (Dark Mode) does look elegant and beautiful to be seen with a black color look.

However, it also doesn’t work if your phone already supports the built-in Dark Mode feature found in Android Pie 9, since the Dark Mode support is currently applicable to all Android 9.0 and up devices and it can be translucent until all applications are It supports the Dark Mode feature, e.g. yes like Instagram, Chrome, WhatsApp, Gmail, Messenger for Facebook, Telegram and Pinterest.

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APK Details

NameInsta Aero
Size40 MB
Developer Hazarr Bozkurt
Base on204.
RequiredAndroid 4.4+ UP
Last UpdatedAugust 01, 2021
Variant Clone/UNClone


What is Insta Aero APK?

InstaAero is an Instagram app that has been modified and developed by the famous developer, Hazard Bozkurt. As I found on Insta Aero official website, this app is more directed to a product that is perfectly done & in perfect animation perfectionism with color, in turn back with a small touch in compare with Instagram Normal version.

In conclusion, this is also like the Instagram app that you use every day, but on the other hand Insta Aero is far superior because there are complete features include Privacy, Download videos and photos directly, support download on IGTV, Adblocking and selectable themes and more.

First-time Insta Aero appears they come with features that have never existed in X-Insta. Of course, you do not need to do root access to install Insta Aero application, because generally, this mod version comes from the root of the official application.

In my opinion, Insta Aero is the most beautiful version of Instagram MoD because it comes with a wide selection of themes and has a variant of Clone and Unclone (Anti-Bann). The theme options work well if your phone doesn’t get the Dark Mode feature, as most of the features of Insta Aero have a wide selection of themes that you can choose to suit your taste.


  • Navigation: Simple and easy to use.
  • Image profile HD: When you press and hold the profile picture of all Instagram user profiles, you can see it in HD quality and the zoom, minimize function can work normally.
  • Download profile Picture: Press and hold to download the profile image you have zoomed in by holding it back.
  • Camera icon: You can prevent or enable Instagram videos from starting automatically when you hold the camera icon in the top left. Enabled by default.
  • Hide Read DM: In InstAero Settings >> Privacy, you can prevent “visible” by enabling the “don’t mark messages as read” option. If you reply to a message but still appear unread, press and hold on the conversation and tap “mark as read”
  • Hide View Stories: You can enable this feature in Insta Aero > privacy. With this feature (don’t tell anyone that you’ve seen their stories).
  • Hide typing: (…) You can hide “write..” For your chats on InstAero > > privacy settings.
  • Copy/Copy: You can copy all the text in the comments directly.
  • Live Download: You can download videos, images and sounds directly in the app you like.
  • APK Update: Get update notifications!
  • Unlimited Themes: Download your liking Dark/blue/red/yellow/gold/green.
  • Display customization: You can set up all the customization to your liking for easy how your Instagram looks. These features can be found in the > > General settings.
  • Examples: Main Chat Screen, Comment Screen, Home Screen, screen notifications and Screen profiles.
  • You can add a comment on the main page.
  • Copy/share: Share link videos and images from Instagram.
  • App Lock: You can lock app privacy with FingerPrint or PIN.
  • Adblocking: You can hide all ads on Instagram, by default, this is already applied.
  • Download with Double Tap: in InstAero Settings > General settings, you can enable the “Download media with double-tap” option to download each media file.

Now the time you switch to use Insta Aero application, in particular, this application in specialize for those who want to use the modified version of Instagram application. It will not cost you anything to use all the features of the Insta Aero By Hazarr Bozkurt future.

How to use Insta Aero APK on Android?

Actually the use of Insta Aero APK is the same if you use the official version of Instagram, it’s just that the difference for this version of Mod is a lot of features that you can use later. So, just relax this app is very safe and reliable no viruses or malware inserted in the application, so you can install it without worrying and enjoy the features available anytime and anywhere.

NOTE: Not all Android device types support installing from Instagram Aero this MOD version.

  • Delete the official version of the Instagram app.
  • Download and Install Insta Aero app
  • Select Log in to sign in to the Instagram account you’re using.
  • Problems logging in with Facebook? Delete the installed Facebook app and log back in to Insta Aero.
  • Install the Facebook app again. (If necessary)
  • Don’t have an Instagram account yet?. Please register using your Facebook account, email or mobile phone number.
  • Finished!

Is Insta Aero safe to use?

Of course, it is safe, this is a modified version which does not require root access first and uses the official Instagram app root. No viruses or Malware are inserted, I myself still use it in a few months and no problems I found. Except that if there are errors like bugs and some features don’t work on the device, you can contact the developer to fix them.

Do you have any problems? Please do not hesitate to comment below.

How to update?

It is very easy to see the Insta Aero settings automatically and then if there is an application update (if any). Please update only or can visit this website again if you do not know how to update the Insta Aero app to the latest version.

That’s a bit of information from Insta Aero APK Latest Version for Android. Don’t forget to share this post with your friends who want to need the Instagram app with the support of amazing features.

Keep visiting this site periodically to get a variety of the latest updates. Good luck and hopefully can be useful, don’t forget to share and Enjoy this use apps bro!..

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