Monopoly Sudoku MOD APK 0.1.36 (Full Unlocked) Download

Do you still remember the game Monopoly Sudoku when you were a kid? Monopoly Sudoku Game is one of the latest popular #1 android apk games for Android that brings features, just as all features can be sold for real money. Surely in the past, you must have known and liked to play Monopoly Sudoku with old boards that are often played with family and friends. With the rapid development of mobile game technology, Monopoly games can also now be played using Android phones.

Make sure you can install it right now and try playing this game if indeed you feel interested. Monopoly Sudoku games are generally very familiar to many who know about it. This is the top paid game of today with a strategy category developed by Marbel Game Studio. Enjoy a completely new classic board game, bring boards to life with beautiful 3D city animations and carefully designed for an interactive and easy mobile user experience wherever you play together.


What is Monopoly Sudoku APK?

Monopoly Sudoku Mod game is a strategy game like puzzles, you can play multi-player. Participants will get a capital of 💰 $1500 in the game using a roll of the dice to determine the amount of progress and trading strategies, buying land, building houses, and more. To earn rent, or buy business stocks, you have to use strategies to defeat your opponents.

In each turn you will have the opportunity to roll 2 dice. The number that appears on 2 dice indicates the result of the number of moves you can take. Squared, many mini-boxes hold unique sets of properties such as home or property owner taxes. Once landed in one of the areas and the player can choose to spend money to increase or you are taxed from the enemy player who has the right of ownership assets.

APK Details

NameMonopoly Sudoku Mod
Size100 MB
Last UpdatedAugust 01, 2021
DeveloperMarmalade Game Studio
RequiredAndroid 5.0+ UP
Total Downloads100,000+

Download Monopoly Sudoku Mod APK Latest Version for Android

Anyone who enters your trade as a player will have to pay taxes to the owner. You’ll lose an asset if you run out of capital and the game goes on after one of the players wins the game. In the end, the result will be determined at the end of the game lose or win, depending on the capital and trading strategy you have built.

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  • BOARD GAME: Can be played classically, multiplayer or with your family and friends!.
  • PREMIUM EXPERIENCE: Without paying to win, without the use of advertising and approved by Hasbro.
  • HOUSE RULES: Playing by the most common commensurate rulesFAST MODE: Finish with board games faster than ever.
  • SINGLE-PLAYER: Play with the online team of the Monopoly Sudoku (Bot) team. No need for friends or family!.
  • MULTIPLAYER ONLINE: Play monopoly games with people from all over the world or create custom personal multiplayer games to play with friends and family.


In general, this board game consists of 4 players and gets each turn playing the type of dice. The game is simple and easy enough that you can shake your smartphone or drag both dice to play it. After the dice are thrown, it will be determined the number of two dice that appear. Once the number of dice is displayed, the game will take you to a predetermined place. Entering an empty place allows you to buy it, and if it is owned by another player, then you must dare to pay a higher price during the specified time.

The dice board game is simple if you enter the enemy landmark that happens, you have to pay taxes. If the capital is insufficient, at least it can be by borrowing to the Bank and the opportunity to borrow only once. If the opportunity to borrow to the Bank has already been taken, then you must sell your landmark or sell some of the assets you have. Once you sell landmark funds to pay taxes beforehand, then the thing that happens to you is to go bankrupt, run out of capital, landmark and assets.


With animated city-themed 3D graphics in the middle of the game, the board will become more real. An entertaining game with 3D graphics coupled with very sharp colours, interesting enough is not disappointing, and there are no other settings. Monopoly game can be downloaded on Google Play by offering a price of IDR 71,000,000 (5.21$). I hope you enjoy this game. Game developers will continue to improve in every corner of the graphics and game performance for the future.

Final Words

Monopoly Sudoku game will be continuously updated in the future by Developer and currently still carries with version 1.0.10. If you need an update again, please visit this page to download with the latest version because we provide original and secure apk files that are always updated at all times, although not yet fully possible.

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