Remington beard trimmer vacuum MB6850 review 2021

In addition to the big players Braun, Philips and Panasonic, Remington is another well-known manufacturer of beard trimmers. One of the newer models of this brand is the Remington vacuum beard trimmer MB6850. This beard trimmer, as the name suggests, works with a vacuum.

Anyone who has already read several reviews here with us might think: “Wait a minute, there was something with a vacuum?!?” It is exactly like that. The Philips Series 7000 vacuum beard trimmer BT7090 / 32, which is a few years older, also offers vacuum technology. Our review reveals whether the Remington MB6850 tested here performs just as well and how it differs.

Remington beard trimmer vacuum MB6850 compact

As if with a vacuum, we sucked out the most important advantages and disadvantages from our Remington Beard Trimmer Vacuum MB6850 test report and summarized them in the following list:


  • Vacuum technology
  • Titanium coated blades
  • Removable vacuum chamber
  • Hair lengths between 2 and 18 mm
  • up to 60 minutes of battery life


  • Vacuum doesn’t work perfectly
  • not waterproof

Scope of delivery:

  • 1 x beard trimmer
  • 2 x plug-on heads
  • 1 x attachment comb
  • 1 x storage bag
  • 1 x cleaning brush
  • 1 x instruction manual

Design and equipment

To get started, let’s start by evaluating the appearance of the Vacuum MB6850. Ok, admittedly, that’s pretty subjective. But it’s a shallow entry into our review before we get to the hard and objective facts.

The beard trimmer comes in black and gray as well as a poisonous green for some elements, making it an aggressive splash of color in the field of our beard trimmer test. In the following lines you can find out whether the poisonous green venomous snake in sheep’s clothing can also bite and leave the competition behind in the test or comparison. Visually, I really like the color combination. The design language is a bit old-fashioned and in my opinion cannot keep up with the fresh color scheme. But as I said, the design is also rather secondary.

The main focus of the Remington vacuum beard trimmer MB6850, the name already suggests, clearly with the vacuum technology. This should help ensure that the sink is not completely covered with stubble after trimming the beard. The hair is sucked into a collecting chamber on the beard trimmer by a vacuum created, where it can then be conveniently disposed of later instead of ending up in the sink.

This can then also ensure more peace between the partners in some households. Because in some respects it is certainly a constant issue when “man” always leaves the stubble in the sink and “woman” then has to remove it. However, the issue with the MB6850 is not completely shelved. Because according to the manufacturer, the vacuum technology of this beard trimmer only covers around 95 percent of all beard stubble up to a length of 5 mm. This is not a perfect result, but a solid one and is roughly on the same level as the vacuum competition from Philips in our practical test.

Of course, we don’t want to ignore the other features and equipment either. These include titanium-coated blades. Sounds great, but other manufacturers also have them in their repertoire. The integrated motor is driven by a lithium-ion battery. This has an operating time of up to 60 minutes. The charging time is twice as long at 120 minutes. An LED control lamp located at the bottom of the device provides information on the charging status.

Operation and cleaning

Compared to the Philips vacuum beard trimmer, the Remington vacuum beard trimmer MB6850 offers a great advantage. The vacuum chamber already mentioned above can be removed from the device. This significantly simplifies emptying, as only this has to be tipped over the garbage can and then washed out. Otherwise there would be no need to rinse off with a damp cloth, because the device itself is not waterproof. So it cannot be cleaned completely under water. The heads, on the other hand, are removable and can also be cleaned under running water.

The rest of the operation is simple and intuitive. The cutting lengths can be easily adjusted. Otherwise the device doesn’t have much to offer, apart from an on / off switch. The handle is okay in the hand, but in my opinion it is not particularly ergonomic. Other beard trimmers felt better here in the test. But that’s only a minor point of criticism and not that crucial.

The cutting performance

Much more important is the cutting performance, that is Grooming-Result. Does the Remington beard trimmer have weaknesses here? Not really, even if it is not enough to achieve the super brilliant performance. The already mentioned blades with their titanium coating cut the whiskers solidly and reliably to the desired length.

12 different lengths can be set. That’s a solid, but not a really good range of available length settings either. Other devices offer more here. In addition to the charging cable and a storage bag, the scope of delivery also includes two attachment heads. There is a 32 mm wide vacuum trimmer and a 20 mm wide vacuum detail trimmer. The adjustable attachment comb, which is also included in the scope of delivery, is also equipped with a lock function between 2 and 18 mm. Fits and works, but is neither outstandingly good nor outstandingly bad.

Remington beard trimmer vacuum MB6850 test conclusion

The Remington beard trimmer vacuum MB6850 is a solid beard trimmer. The vacuum technology is a nice gimmick that works quite well. However, it is not as thorough and reliable as we would have hoped. So all in all a solid test result for a quite affordable beard trimmer from Remington, but which doesn’t make the big leap. The venomous snake, to take our picture from above again, has not had its teeth pulled. But they are not really toxic either, so that the competition from established manufacturers such as our test winner Panasonic ER-GP80 does not fear or even need to take cover …

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