The best Sensitivity Settings for FF in Oppo 2GB RAM Device


Free Fire is a game that is very popular by young people today, in order to make it easier to play this battlegrounds game then the developer has set up sensitivity settings that we can set ourselves or control that we can adjust.

During this time we may often find out about the best free fire settings, when the setting is not necessarily fit for the device that we use either because the screen is not suitable nor the ram we have is too small.

This wrong setting can cause a long loading when entering the lobby, this time in itself we will give a tutorial on how to set up the HP OPPO ff sensitivity, as we know that the brand is well-selling with various types that are marketed.

For those of you who have an HP Oppo with 2GB RAM and has a screen size of 5.5 inches that loves to play free fire games then you must listen to our reviews so you can find the right settings to suit your smartphone.

Perfect Sensitivity Settings for Free Fire in OPPO

To reach the Booyah there are many things that determine other than skill, there are also other items that affect like the characters you play and so on. But with a smartphone-appropriate sensitivity setting, we will be more easily victorious in this game.


Look Around

For the sensitivity of this one you can set up to 53, the function of this menu one is very felt when you swipe the screen and look around and besides that with the settings you can shoot without scope easily.

Red Dot Sight

For those of you who have weapons with built-in scope, this setting is very influential, you can swipe up to 100.

2X Scope

For 2X scope you can swipe up to 60, while for 4X Scope you can drag up to 70.


As for this last setting, you can change to 0 only.

Free Fire is a game that can almost be played by all smartphones including the low version, unlike its competitors that do require high-spec smartphones so that not everyone can feel the excitement.

Every smartphone certainly has different sensitivity settings whether it is HP Vivo, Xiaomi and so on. The screen size is also very influential to get a fitting setting.

So that’s how the sensitivity setting FF HP Oppo We can share, this setting does not apply to all Oppo HP, but works for those who have this HP with a small ram that is 2MB and screen size below 5.5 inches.

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