The 8 Best Mobile Air Conditioners 2021 (Extremely Efficient)

Is your home an oven and your heat tolerance has reached its limits?

I have the solution!

The portable air conditioner cools the air in the room and is more efficient than a fan that only moves hot air

I have analyzed many models of portable air conditioners and have selected 8 of the best performing ones for you. The best of them according to me and my needs? The De’Longhi PAC N82 where the DeLonghi PAC AN112 in case of rupture Your needs may be different from mine, which is why I created a buying guide in the second part of this article to help you choose mobile air conditioners.

Differences between an air freshener, a portable air conditioner and a fan?

  • The fan does not cool the temperature, it stirs the air and gives a feeling of freshness. Its advantage is its inexpensive and compact price. Its downside is that above 30 degrees indoors, the fan must be turned towards you at all times to get out of the sweltering heat.
  • The air cooler cools the temperature a few degrees, which may be enough to bring the temperature down to an acceptable level in a room. Its advantage is that it is more efficient than a fan and does not need an exhaust pipe. Its downside is that it is not possible to adjust the temperature. The device will not freshen the air as best it can. It is possible to lower it up to 5 degrees.
  • The mobile air conditioner is the most efficient but also the most expensive. It requires an exhaust pipe to exhaust hot air outside the house. Its advantage is that it allows you to select a temperature to be reached. So you get what you want. The downside is that it is noisy, more expensive, and requires you to put the drain hose through a window.

You have chosen the most efficient option for cooling your environment.

The best mobile air conditioners under $200

Air conditioners are very practical devices, especially during periods of high heat. But you can cool off easily for little money. But if you want to treat yourself to a more powerful and durable device, it is better to choose from the range above.

With a limited budget, you can easily find a fairly good quality and practical model. Here are a few that I recommend.

1 – OneConcept CTR-1 : Decent air conditioning at a very low price

OneConcept CTR-1 Heat - Air cooler, Fan heater, Air purification function, 2 Heating levels: 1300 and 2000W, 400 m³ / h, Integrated HEPA filter, Filtering system, White

OneConcept CTR-1 Heat – Air cooler, Fan heater, Air purification function, 2 Heating levels: 1300 and 2000W, 400 m³ / h

  • PURE AIR: In addition to cooling the air, the CTR1 cooler differs from classic fans in that it also cleans and ionizes the atmosphere …
  • INTELLIGENT: It is actually a smart device halfway between the fan and the air conditioner that disperses cool air throughout the …
  • EASY USE: In addition to its other qualities, operating the device is child’s play thanks to the included remote control or your …
  • ADJUSTABLE: Its three power levels and a swivel head (switchable) also allow it to be used rationally with regard to the different …
  • INNOVATION: oneConcept seduces with an impressive range of products for the whole family. In addition to a wide variety of technical innovations

The design and finish of this model is made of plastic and it looks very beautiful. Above all, it stands out for its lightness and superior comfort, which makes it a mobile and flexible air conditioning system.

With dimensions of 38.8 x 81.5 x 29.5 cm, the OneConcept CTR-1 4in1 is relatively large, but at 7 kg it is also light and easy to handle. Its mobility is ensured by its wheels and handles, as well as by its 1.5 m long cable. Its simple operation and many features, such as the 4-in-1 principle, show that even air coolers can be of higher quality.

The biggest advantage of the OneConcept CTR-1 4in1 is the ability to change operating modes and refrigeration speed because it gives you the opportunity to sleep in a cool room without risk.


2 – Klarstein Highrise Ice Line : light, handy and practical

best mobile air conditioners

KLARSTEIN Highrise – Air Freshener, Fan, Air Cleaning Functions, Humidifier, 3 Power Levels, 3 Modes, Adjustable Slats

  • PRACTICAL: The air cooling unit! Klarstein Highrise 3-in-1 air cooler with practical functions and space-saving tower format …
  • TOUCH CONTROL SECTION: The versatile unit is adjusted using the touchscreen control panel located on top. The different functions are …
  • PRECISE FITTING: Three power levels as well as a separately controlled oscillation function allow precise adaptation to all conditions …
  • 3 DIFFERENT MODES: It has 3 working modes, such as natural mode, in which the air flow increases and weakens like the wind. For …
  • WATER TANK: Its 2.5 liter water tank refreshes the air drawn in by evaporation and also humidifies it. An included ice pack can also …

The Klarstein Highrise air cooler features practical features and a space-saving design to create the perfect air on hot summer days. Very ergonomic, it presents various functions presented through explicit symbols, which makes them easy to use.

It has three handy power levels with a swing function that allow precise adaptation to weather conditions, room size and seating arrangement. In addition, the unit has three selectable operating modes, such as natural mode, which simulates the natural ebb and flow of the wind.

Thanks to its space-saving design, low weight, the air cooler can be moved easily and can also operate without requiring much space. The convenient timer function allows programmed use. Cooling efficient, flexible in positioning, the housing design exudes an elegant charm and can fit confidently into modern and classic living and working environments.

Mid-range mobile air conditioners

You will find good air conditioners in this price bracket. I have gathered you models that perform better than the first prices which are limited.

3 – Olimpia Splendid : Cools evenly

Olimpia Splendid Mobile Air Conditioner 12,000 BTU / h, 2.7 kW, 01919 Dolceclima Silent 12 P, Natural Gas R290, Italian Design

The commissioning of the mobile air conditioning system of this model is very easy. With a weight of around 30 kg, it is difficult to carry and therefore it is best to leave it in a fixed location. It has three powerful modes. These are “Cooling”, “Dehumidification” and “Fan” modes to choose from according to your needs.

The cooling performance of the Olimpia Splendid is very good. For a large living room, the portable air conditioning unit cools the air by several degrees in an hour. In addition, it has a screen on which all relevant data can be read very easily. The remote control also has a display. The connection between the remote control and the device works fine in the same room.

The Olimpia Splendid mobile air conditioner also has a silent system. This means that you will be able to tolerate noise more easily during the day, compared to many other devices which are louder. I especially liked the benefit of this air conditioner.


4 – Inventor Cool : Quiet, handy and 3 in 1 mobile air conditioner

Inventor Chilly 9,000 Btu / h 3-in-1 Portable Air Conditioner Cooling & Dehumidification & Ventilation Capacity (2 Year Warranty)

Inventor Chilly 9,000 Btu / h 3-in-1 Portable Air Conditioner Cooling & Dehumidification & Ventilation Capacity (2 Year Warranty)

  • Economical and ecological: Energy efficiency class A, ergonomic and compact design and low environmental impact thanks to the ecological refrigerant …
  • Versatile: 3 in 1 (cooling mode, dehumidification mode and ventilation mode), timer, sleep mode, different fan speeds …
  • Powerful: Cooling capacity of 9000 BTU / h and maximum noise level in standby mode of only 52 dB.
  • Easy to Move and Use: Integrated omnidirectional casters allow you to carry the portable air conditioner anywhere. So, you …
  • Take advantage of the two (2) year manufacturer’s warranty Inventor.

Here I present to you a model with a compact and modern design of 9000 BTU. It’s quite small in size, its dimensions 34.5 x 35.5 x 70.3 cm to prove it. So it goes unnoticed. Its white color makes it very elegant. With a weight of 25 kg, it is quite heavy. But don’t worry, the manufacturer has provided wheels that make it easier to move. On average, it covers large spaces perfectly and with a rather comfortable sound level of 52 dB.

This air conditioner is energy class A. It quickly cools the surrounding air and quickly provides well-filtered fresh air. Very ergonomic, it is easy to use and also has a command for remote control. In addition to its air conditioning function, it also serves as a dehumidifier and fan.

It is accompanied by several very practical accessories. For example, you will find in the installation kit a window kit with a flexible drain hose. It was very useful when I needed to place the device near my window. Also, an instruction manual in several languages ​​is provided to facilitate installation, but the translation is not always clear.

High-end mobile air conditioners

You will surely find your happiness in this category. I have gathered here models offering many functions and the price-performance ratio is very appreciated.

5 – Klarstein New Breeze 7 : Powerful and efficient air conditioner

best mobile air conditioners

KLARSTEIN New Breeze 7 – Mobile Air Conditioner, Dehumidifier, Fan, 7000BTU / h, 2,1KW, From 16 to 30 ° C, LED display, Programmable timer function

  • TEMPERATURES: IDEAL Thanks to the Klarstein New Breeze 7 air conditioner, you can keep the heatwave outside and provide you with your comfortable temperature inside …
  • POWERFUL PERFORMANCE: With 7,000 BTU / 2.1 kW of cooling power under the hood, the Klarstein New Breeze 7 air conditioner effortlessly creates …
  • EFFICIENT: The appliance is so economical that it obtains energy efficiency class A. A 4-speed fan distributes a slight s …
  • TIMER: You can let the fan work alone for greater savings. A timer allows you to start and stop the device …
  • EASY USE: All functions are very easily accessible on the device’s touch panel or with the included remote control.

This device has a nominal power of 2.6 kW and belongs to energy efficiency class A, so that even in continuous operation, electricity costs are not too heavy. We would like to thank the manufacturer for having thought of this. This air conditioner can ensure the efficient cooling of the room in which it is located, from 16 to 30 degrees Celsius thanks to the adjustable 4-stroke fan that it has.

The Klarstein New Breeze 7 mobile air conditioner can also be used as a dehumidifier to remove condensation created during the air conditioning process. Thus, the air circulation in the room is stimulated. With the built-in timer, you can make sure that this air conditioner turns off automatically at the set time. This is a feature that I find quite handy.

This air conditioner is equipped with a control panel and a remote control for easy control of the functions available to you. It has very useful wheels to easily move your air conditioning system.

6 – Trotec PAC 2600 : Air conditioner that cools very well and practical

TROTEC 1210002005 PAC 2600 E Local air conditioner, 2.6 kW (9,000 Btu) monobloc air conditioner

TROTEC 1210002005 PAC 2600 E Local air conditioner, 2.6 kW (9,000 Btu) monobloc air conditioner

  • Max cooling capacity Power: 2.6 kW / 9,000 Btu / Suitable for 80 m³ max. approx.
  • Energy efficiency class A / Dehumidification capacity max. Flow rate: 0.95 l / h / Air flow max. : 250 m³ / h
  • Dehumidification and ventilation function
  • Timer function / Easy-to-clean membrane keys / Variable orientation of the fresh air outlet
  • IR remote control / Three fan speeds

The compact and portable air conditioner PAC 2600 is specially designed for use in small rooms of the house and for small offices.

With this model, you have the choice between cooling mode and ventilating a room in hot weather. Using the integrated room thermostat, the automatic mode independently selects one of the two functions depending on the air temperature. For optimal air distribution in the room, you can adjust the outlet direction variably and in 2 steps.

You can adjust the PAC 2600 S air conditioner according to your needs directly on its control panel, or even more simply by using the infrared remote control from the sofa. I can assure you that it is a real pleasure to keep control of the device from a distance.
24 hour timer options, air filter and transport caster provide additional user convenience. So you can quickly transport the PAC 2600 S to other rooms. Indeed, the monobloc has a weight of 27 kg, which makes it heavy to transport without the caster.


7 – Klarstein Metrobreeze 9 New York : Practical and very efficient

best mobile air conditioners

KLARSTEIN Metrobreeze 9 New York City – Mobile Air Conditioner, Dehumidifier, Fan, 9000BTU / h, 2.6KW, Programmable Timer, Adjustable Temperature

  • EASY USE: Thanks to its control panel located on the top, the air conditioner is very easy to adjust. The interior temperature can be regulated …
  • TEMPERATURE SENSOR: A temperature sensor allows the device to operate only if the ambient temperature exceeds that desired. You …
  • OSCILLATION: The oscillation function tilts the blades of the air outlet up and down for perfect air distribution. For amé …
  • TANK: Up to 1.9L of water per hour thus reaches the tank (approximately 45 L). When it is full, the dehumidifier stops and a …
  • TIMER: The timer function of the Klarstein air conditioner allows you to program the time after which the appliance should automatically switch off

The Klarstein Metrobreeze 9 Air Conditioner from New York provides cool or warm air as needed, on hot summer days or cold winter days. It also ensures that you breathe healthy air thanks to its fan and dehumidifier. With an equivalent power of 9000 BTU or 2.65 kW, it is classified in energy efficiency class A and therefore suitable for continuous operation since it consumes little energy.

Using the control panel located on the top of the unit, you can adjust the settings to your preference, between 17-30 ° Celsius. It has an internal temperature sensor which ensures that the Metrobreeze 9 New York only operates when the ambient temperature is above the desired target temperature.

The timer function of the Klarstein air conditioner can be set so that the device turns off automatically after a preset period of use, or to turn on the air conditioner after a defined period of time. All functions can be controlled very simply using the included remote control, which has an easy-to-read display.

So that you don’t have to make unexpected extra purchases on the budget, this portable air conditioner has a complete window sealing kit that is easy to install and dismantle without leaving a trace at the end of the season. Like me you will surely appreciate this advantage. Thanks to its securely attached casters, the air conditioner can be easily moved and is therefore very versatile.


8 – De’Longhi PAC N82 : The best air conditioner of all categories

De'Longhi 151400002 PAC N82 Eco, White, One Size

The DeLonghi PAC N82 is an innovative single-climate system with a touch-sensitive control panel, LCD remote control and cooling capacity of up to 2,700 watts for large rooms up to 80m2 in theory.

At maximum power, you will have to adapt to an audible operating noise of around 63 decibels which is fine without being silent for the price. Once the desired temperature is reached it is kept constant and the power returns to energy saving and the sound can drop to 52 db.

This model has a built-in 12 hour timer so you can cool rooms before use. The system is equipped with handles and rollers, which facilitates the change of position. Only the transport on the floors is problematic, because it is necessary to support a weight of 30 kilos.

The system has a separate dehumidification mode that can process up to 32 liters per day. Even during cooling, up to 20 liters of dehumidification per day is still possible.

In case of rupture, take the DELONGHI PAC AN112


How to choose your portable air conditioner – Buying guide

best mobile air conditioners

… And finally find freshness at home.

From 100 to 700 €, mobile air conditioners are among the most important devices during the summer. But it is necessary to choose a model that will meet your needs, evenly and efficiently cool your home. There are a few selection criteria to take into account before buying it. I have listed here some important points to consider when shopping for your device.

What are the important points when choosing a portable air conditioner?


This is not the most important factor, but it should still be taken into account when purchasing your air conditioner. This will make sure that it is light enough and of a reasonable size so that it can fit in and transport it as easily as possible. Also, ask yourself if it has wheels so that you are able to move it by pulling it.

Room size

For many users, this point is very important. Generally, mobile air conditioners are responsible for cooling specific rooms, such as a living room, office or bedroom. For this purpose, it is recommended to take into account the size of the room you wish to cool and now choose an air conditioner of adequate power (BTU). Note that the higher the number of BTUs, the cooler your air conditioner stays and thus ensures your comfort.

Energy consumption

It depends on how you use the device. If you leave it on all day, for example, you can expect a considerable increase in your energy consumption. To avoid this, it would be ideal to opt for an air conditioner equipped with a thermostat that you can program. This will turn off automatically as soon as your room reaches the desired temperature.


Mobile air conditioners, also called portable air conditioners, remove hot air from your room. This will mean that you should preferably install it near your window. Indeed, most manufacturers of portable air conditioners deliver air conditioners with a user guide and a ventilation kit that allows it to exceptionally dissipate the heat present in your room.

The noise

Usually, air conditioners make noise. Regardless of the type, the sound volume is between 45 dB and 60 dB. But for the most part, this noise is not at all dominant and you hardly notice it. Despite this, this factor should not be overlooked when purchasing a portable air conditioner. If you feel the need to get an air conditioning unit that doesn’t add too much noise to your home while it’s on, you can go for quiet air conditioners which are a bit more expensive, but nicer.

The installation

Often, portable air conditioners are not difficult to install. All you need to do is plug in the window ventilation kit. If you are lost, you will be forced to call in a specialist to help you. Be sure of one thing, installing a portable air conditioner is quick and easy.

best mobile air conditioners

The type of filter

Mobile air conditioners usually come with two different types of filters, both of which have their advantages. These are the carbon filter and the electrostatic filter. A portable air conditioner equipped with a carbon filter combats bad odors, and air conditioners equipped with an electrostatic filter effectively fight dust and bacteria.

Utilisation facility

Most portable air conditioners will probably be very easy to use, but there are a few factors that you need to consider that will influence the level of effort required. First, you have the controls. Are they intuitive? Can you figure out exactly how to configure AC to do what you want? Then you have ongoing maintenance issues, such as cleaning the unit and making sure the exhaust pipes are free of debris. Most will include a filter that needs to be replaced, which is one more thing to remember and keep in mind so as not to sacrifice the quality of the air in your home.

None of these factors will have to add a ton of work to your life. So, these are important factors to take into consideration when purchasing the best AC unit for your home.

The type of condensate

The type of condensate for your portable air conditioner directly relates to ease of use. Drip air conditioners deposit all condensate in an internal bucket that needs to be dumped. For some air conditioners, the bucket can fill up quickly and you will need to empty it regularly.

Partial drip air conditioners release most of the condensate through the drain, but can still deposit water in a drip pan. You will still need to check the panning and empty it every now and then, but you can use it for a lot longer without worrying about it.

The third and simplest option is a non-drip air conditioner. These release all the condensate into the air, so you never have to worry about emptying anything. Obviously, this is the most popular type of portable air conditioner among homeowners.

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