What smartphones will be better and cheaper Samsung Galaxy Note 20

A couple of weeks ago Samsung introduced its new smartphone the Galaxy Note series 20. Everyone knows this, but not everyone knows that he has some obvious deficiencies which the company or did not want to fight, or decided to turn it from bug to feature. I have already personally acquainted with this phone and I can say that some flaws are not so evident, but it is not so important. I would like to share a list of what they consider a worthy alternative to the new Samsung. Models for the list I took based on their cost and quality. Many of them not so new — at least, they presented more than two weeks ago — but I still consider them very good and willing to consider them as alternatives to the Samsung Galaxy Note 20.

Galaxy Note 20


Galaxy Note 20 steep, but it has alternatives.

No rating in the presented models will not. They are listed not in order of importance, but just mixed. So it is necessary to understand that not all of them will be the S Pen stylus, as this ”Tappy” is a hallmark of the Note series. Well, okay, that’s enough background. Let’s discuss the options presented.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 — cool features ex-flagship

If you want to buy a smartphone as close as possible to Samsung Galaxy Note 20but would like to save money, your option is the previous generation of this device. Even in last year’s model is a little more than a simple CPU, but it is only when you compare it with Snapdragon 865 Plus, but not with the Exynos 990. In the second case, the big difference is not — no matter what processor the smartphone you will with it to compare.

Normal version Samsung Galaxy Note 10 equipped with OLED-screen with a frequency of 60 Hz, Snapdragon or Exynos 855 9825, and a good main camera, which still looks an excellent option for every day.


Samsung Galaxy Note 10 is the same old horse furrow not spoil, but plows.

If you want more, then you can look at the Galaxy Note 10 Plus. He already will have a screen with a resolution of QHD+ (vs FHD+ to Galaxy Note 10), battery 4 300 mAh (to 3, 500 mAh) and faster charging.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Lite — cheap and cheerful

This smartphone it makes sense to consider separately from the entire range of Galaxy Note 10 at least due to the fact that it is much cheaper and it is in a separate category. You could even say that it looks nearly the most interesting alternative to the new Galaxy Note 20.

More available Note Samsung there are a few compromises compared to its flagship family of Note 10 and Note 20, for example, it will have more than just the processor Exynos 9810, released in 2018. It will not have wireless charging and a significant level of protection from water.


Galaxy Note 10 Lite is cool, too.

However, the phone has quite good front and rear camera, and a battery of 4500 mAh, which is more than Note 9, Note 10 and even 20 Note.

Of course, you still get the S Pen and even the headphone port is 3.5 mm. So if you like the idea of Note, but you don’t want to part with the headphone Jack, you should take a look on this model.

OnePlus 8 Pro — it turns out that it is not as expensive

This smartphone will be already a little (a lot) more expensive than the models shown before. As a bonus for a higher price you will get better performance and responsiveness with which the top OnePlus everything was good.

The ”Pro” Version current-gen OnePlus has much in common with the flagship Note 20. For example, the screen frequency of 120 Hz, a QHD+ screen resolution, protection IP68 water and wireless charging 30 watts.


This smartphone many have criticized because of its price. Including I. But it turns out that “there is much more.”

The flagship OnePlus also offers a good camera, including a 48-megapixel main camera with a sensor IMX689 That alone is worth the smartphone is a bit cheaper and he won’t have S Pen. Then have to decide whether you need a stylus for such a big difference in price.

Samsung Galaxy S20 — same but different

Another great option, and even released this year, may be Samsung Galaxy Note 20. They are very similar with the Galaxy Note 20. First and foremost, they both boast One UI protection from water IP68, wireless charging, OLED-matrix with a refresh rate of 120 Hz.

Does not support a refresh rate of 120 Hz, only the base version of the Galaxy Note 20. Therefore, if we consider the basic version, in this case, Galaxy S20 in any version can be more interesting. Of course, in that case, if the S Pen is not something super necessary.


I used this smartphone for long enough and you realize that it is not worse than the Galaxy Note 20, but without the S Pen.

By the way, the version of Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra is also far superior to the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra. It has more battery, more powerful camera and some other things on the little things.

Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max — where the same without him

Of course, considering the alternatives many high-end smartphones, is simply not correct not to remember iPhone. Let it is different and many do not like it, but it is also the flagship with plenty of advantages that can set it apart from competitors.

Moreover, it is impossible not to remember it due to the fact that it is one of the most popular smartphones in the iPhone series 11. IPhone 11 Pro Max is perhaps the most suitable alternative to the Galaxy Note 20 in the camp of Apple offering the same large screen, durable battery, water resistance and wireless charging.


iPhone 11 Pro Max is good, but this is Apple. If you are not confused, it is a worthy alternative.

iPhone 11 Pro Max came out almost a year ago, but he is still equipped with a powerful A13 processor, which provides high speed operation. It also has many other advantages. For example, camera, cool digging services and updates that will be coming five years. The company has officially not said, but the current firmware is exactly five years of smartphones, and it was the last time.

Of the minuses can be noted the lack of 5Glower the refresh rate of the screen and the lack of a fingerprint scanner. And even in the basic version of Samsung Galaxy Note 20 cheaper, but he’s got twice the memory.

If you know of other worthy competitors of new products from Samsung, let me know about it our Telegram chat or in the comments to this article.

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