Worms Zone.io MOD APK 2.2.3 (Unlimited Money) for Android

Worms Zone.io is the number one popular worm zone #1 which this time is also available with the Worms Zone.io Mod apk version. This game is very interesting to play for all game lovers developed by CAZUAL AZUR GAMES. Play Worms Zone.io your worms with the food in the arena, defeating all your enemies as much as you can in the arena.

WormsZone.io is a game with 3D graphics plus a dynamic storyline and funny characters. Join the worm battle zone and kill all your enemy worms, and in battle, you’ll have to scramble to eat as much food as you can without having to hit your opponent, and slowly the worm will grow bigger and bigger. Grow your worms and start mastering all the worm battle arenas, create your growing worm area by circling the battle areas of the territory and you can easily trap all the other players.


Download Worms Zone.Io Mod APK Latest Version for Android

Worms Zone.io Mod game can be played online which has been updated with the latest version, so you can also re-compete with other players. In this game, you have to have your own tactics or strategies to finish off the enemies so that the worms can grow big. You can also attack enemy worms by wrapping their worms around them and you can hit them on their bodies or the head of the enemy worms so that your opponent’s worms will lose!. This game is very interesting full of challenges, agility, precision, intelligence, but there are also those who have difficulty playing this game on their phones.

Worms Zone.io is a popular modified type of online worm game with unlimited coins and unlocked skins for you to install on android 5.1+ and above. To get fast download speeds, you can use your favourite web browser, the suggestion is; use Google Chrome.

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APK Details

Size22 MB
Last UpdatedAugust 01, 2021
RequiredAndroid 5.1+
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If you’ve already entered into the game, then the first time it will appear will look Wild Spike. Worms Zone.io Mod APK Unlimited Money is the same as the original game type. There’s no need to specify how the graphics are in the game and all Android phones are fully supported to install and play them with minimalist graphics support. Your objective in Worms Zone.io is to keep as many worms as possible and finish off all the worms from your opponents as much as possible.


“Kill 5 worms” if the task has been completed then you will get bonus points. There are also different bonuses to improve your worm statistics. Use it consistently and wisely, then the statistics will help you achieve your desired goals.

There are several tactics to make you a champion: “warrior”, “impostor” or “builder” and which tactic will you make? So it doesn’t matter which tactic you want to use later. However, if you hit your opponents/ enemies, you’ll lose! And the food you collect will be a delicacy for the enemy.

But if you manage to wrap it around, then you manage to finish off the other players. Not only that, you will get delicious food from enemies that you have killed in large quantities, And vice versa if you lose, then food will become another enemy meal. Your worm will grow bigger than you’ve ever seen before, like an Alaskan worm moving around.

Game Controls & Background

For in-game settings, it is very easy, for those of you who want to set how delicious it is to play games on the screen of your Android phone. You can also easily change the background or background while playing WormsZone.io with several colors that you can choose from. Move and swipe the phone screen to run your worms in the game To change the background color customization you can click the bottom right icon button (⚙️) there are several options such as background color, food color.

Well, you can choose the game background instead and you can choose the colors available in some of these colors such as Black, Blue, Purple, Brown, Green, Orange, and Blue Pattern. Once determined the choice of basic colors can be directly selected colors according to your own taste. In the previous settings menu there are 3 types of food options to choose from for your worm food type tastes.

Select Customize Worm Skin

By default the skin selection feature is available for free, you don’t have to get difficult if you want to use the version of Worms Zone.io Mod. However, the most searched thing is the Unlimited Money feature that can be downloaded on this site. That way, you can customize the worms you want to play with your choice of skin color and worm face, you’ll need to have at least 50 coins to buy facial features from the worms you like and customize your worm choices however you like.

Be the World’s Top Players

Although this game is very difficult, If the worm you play is already in a big state like a snake (🐍) anaconda keep trying. Get ready and play Worms Zone io Mod games at any time to achieve your goal of becoming a top player every day of the week. Earn the number 1 ranking in a row and destroy enemies by giving proof that you can be the best in this WormsZone.io.

Final Words

Worms Zone.io will continue to be developed so that it becomes the top simple game with an action category with nice and funny 3D graphics. This game does have an action category, but if you look at it more it will look funny. And if we play this game is also quite challenging and easy if you can master all the strategies to finish off the enemies in the arena.

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