The 3 Best Electric Big Wheel Scooters (Review)

Do you want to walk the streets effortlessly and without taking out your bulky bike? Do you want to buy a big wheel scooter at a good price?

Don’t panic, I have several versions to show you!

Here is the guide where I list the 3 best big wheel electric scooters (for all ages) that you can buy and to save you from getting out of the car in heavy traffic or your bike.

We have all happened to be stuck in traffic jams, to be annoyed by traffic, to arrive late for work because there was construction on your usual route or even to want a little freedom in yourself. walking. I have made a ranking of the 3 best electric scooters for you to help you in your choice.

There are all kinds. I have a preference for the SXT scooter because it has all my criteria. But it’s an expensive model and here are other models that might suit your needs.

Top 10 Best Electric Big Wheel Scooters

An electric scooter allows to travel for less than public transport, is faster and more pleasant than traffic jams in cars or crowded trains of public transport (at rush hour). It is useful if you have little space to store it and like this mode of transport. There are many models of big wheel scooters with different qualities and functions.

Therefore, you have to make a choice among all available models. You will have to take into account several aspects before making a final choice. We will help you so take the time to read the guide below.

Top 3: Which Electric Big Wheel Scooter to Buy?

To start, I suggest you discover our 3 favorite scooters. You will undoubtedly choose one of them.

Comparison of the 3 best electric big wheel scooters

Summaries of the 3 Electric Scooters in our comparison.

1 – Razor E300S: The best inexpensive big wheel electric scooter

Razor E300S - Electric Scooter with Seat, Gray, 13 Years and Up


For starters, the Razor scooter is perfect for children from around 13 years old; Thanks to its robustness, its handling and its ability to go off-road you will have peace of mind when your child rides his mount.

The wheels are 25 cm long and these are real tires which allow optimal grip on the ground but also formidable braking, both on a tarmac road and on a dirt road. Of course, adjustments are available including the height of the handlebars, which allows the scooter to adapt to different people if you want to teach children to share!

Now let’s talk about the saddle, we can already note that not many scooters offer this very practical equipment over a somewhat long distance or even if you want to ride quietly. We also note that it is removable if desired to make room for a spacious and pleasant platform.

Young people love this feeling of freedom when they get on their machine to conquer the village or on a family walk. No need to take your child to his friend’s house or to his music class (or to sports). Whether for Christmas or for a birthday, you are sure to hit the mark!

The company is German and has been active in the field of children’s “vehicles” for many years (the German manufacture does not lack a reputation either).


  • Real tires 25cm
  • Autonomy 16km
  • The saddle can be removed
  • Good quality


  • Max speed 24km / h
  • Not for children

2 – Nanrobot D4: The best electric scooter value for money

Offering 2 versions (with or without seat), the Nanrobot all-terrain large wheel electric scooter has distinguished itself in the field of electric scooters by going off the beaten track but not completely either. Let me explain: Nanrobot is known for its advanced technologies and recently entered the electric vehicle market.

First asset, this Nanrobot large wheel electric scooter for adults weighs 27kg, it is a featherweight in the middle! It is therefore transportable once the trip is over, or even in the bus for a really long transport time. It has a clean design and we feel that Nanrobot wanted to create an elegant scooter while being functional. You can do up to 70km every day without any problem with a top speed of 65 km / h, which makes her a sportswoman at heart!

It’s powerful and you can feel it in the acceleration it offers but also uphill where it shows no signs of weakening which is nice. What about braking with such a speed you will tell me? Nanrobot has it all covered by installing front and rear disc brakes with shocks. The same question can be asked for range, 70 km is a lot! How is it that she has more autonomy than her sisters? Quite simply because it has a kinetic recovery system, which means that when you brake or coast, energy is recovered. Basically, the battery charges along the way, which automatically extends battery life.

It is supplied with front and rear lighting (with brake indicator) to be able to circulate day and night to be seen and thus guarantee your safety.


  • Fast 65km / h
  • 2 powerful motors show the hills without slowing down
  • slight 27km
  • all-terrain tires
  • Long range 55-70km
  • Security it provides


  • not to be placed in the hands of children

NANROBOT D4 + 2000 W Adult Electric scooter Foldable and light with 70 km Battery up to Long range 65km / h D4 + 23AH Version without seat *

  • POWERFUL MOTOR: Two independent 1000W motors control the front and rear wheels and a maximum power of 2000W in all-wheel drive mode. The powerful engines allow a top speed of 65km / h.
  • HIGH POWER BATTERY: equipped with 52V 23AH lithium battery, can travel 70km, charging time is 10-13h.
  • PORTABLE FOLDABLE DESIGN: Easy to fold design, can be placed at home or carried with you.
  • 10 “TIRES: Make the NANROBOT the ultimate transport scooter to conquer dangerous city streets.
  • FRONT AND REAR LIGHTS: Indicator lights located on the front and rear of the vehicle make the journey safer and are equipped with an LED display. The delivery method is UPS, The delivery time is 10-15 days.

3 – SXT Scooters 1600 XL: The best high-end electric scooter

Electric scooter SXT Scooters 1600 XXL 1600w Brushless Black Lithium Li-ion battery 48V / 30Ah Speed ​​25km / h

We fall into the “heavyweight” category of electric scooters, and I’m not just talking about its weight at 50kg (partly because of its lead battery). it is an upgraded scooter motor and with a scooter aesthetic.

This electric scooter with saddle and large wheels SXT Scooters reaches 55 km / h at top speed (version with 30Ah battery, others available), so speed means quality materials for the safety of the driver. Here we find the steel frame and fork, tubular cross tires, front and rear disc brakes, etc.

Like many others, it has front and rear lights (also with brake indicator), and like its little sister Razor it has a saddle for more comfortable and enjoyable rides.

I find it important to add that the scooter has several versions of batteries (justified the big price difference). I have met people complaining about the low battery life after buying the entry-level version and not knowing it. So be sure to take the version that interests you. The problem that wasn’t was easily fixed as you would expect.

You will understand, this is the winner of my guide! Combining speed and safety, handling and comfort has never been so pleasant. So don’t hesitate any longer and opt for electric transport!


  • Fast 55km / h (version shown)
  • Powerful even uphill
  • Big wide wheels
  • Comfortable seat and shock absorbers
  • Cost of use around 0.50 € / 100km


  • heavy scooter, not made to be carried

Buying Guide: How to choose an electric scooter with big wheels?

Did this top 3 help you find the model you need?

5 questions before buying

  • Why buy an electric scooter?
  • What is my need?
  • Which criteria matter most?
  • What is my budget?
  • Which model to choose?


How to choose electric scooter with big wheels

Electric scooter SXT Scooters 1600 XXL 1600w Brushless Black Lithium Li-ion battery 48V / 30Ah Speed ​​25km / h

To choose a good electric scooter with big wheels, you have to take the time to analyze your expectations. My personal choice was a comfortable scooter because I prefer to be seated to move around. I love the scooter and have had it since I was little so this is not new to me and now I have a preference for sitting but it is my need and yours can be different according to your desires.

On the market, you will find many scooters of various sizes, range and speed, but not all do the same. Before choosing it, it is important that you take into consideration certain characteristics like the weight if you have to carry it on stairs or how fast.


Who will use the scooter and for what purpose? Is it only an adult? or children? to play or to go to work? We have to think about it now.

There are also electric scooters for adults (lighter and cheaper) and non-electric freestyle scooters.


It depends directly on the battery. The range ranges from 10 to 70km on average per charge with an average of 20-25km.


Electric scooters last a relatively long time if you don’t abuse them. It’s hard to say how long it lasts since nobody has had it for 10 years but it lasts several years without a problem.

This is a medium to long term purchase, you are not going to buy it every year. So you’ll want a scooter that you can rely on when you need it. Avoid the first prices of little-known Chinese brands that have attractive prices but low autonomy. The price is directly linked to the autonomy of the batteries and the power of the motors. Usually, speed is related to battery life. A low top speed often hides a low battery life.

Take a minimum of quality even if your budget is limited.


It will depend on where you park it, but choose an electric scooter with big wheels that can sit where you have room. Measure the maximum space available at home and take a small scooter if you are too cramped. Also consider the weight if you have to wear it every day, some are too heavy and not suitable for that.

There are electric scooters with or without a seat. The seats can be adjusted in height.

Accessories, functions and options

Electric scooters can be sold with or without accessories.

We find as accessories, helmets (recommended), protective equipment for the knees, elbows, the transport bag …

Also think about counters or key start and anti-theft devices if you don’t have one. You will find this model on Amazon. I recommend the link version rather than the cable version.

MASTER LOCK Anti-theft handcuffs [9 maillons] [Certifié Sold Secure]  8290EURDPRO - Ideal for bikes, scooters and strollers

The model we recommend

Do not get lost in your choice on the internet. There are far too many models to choose from. If you want a safe value and suitable for daily use but you want to keep over time, and that you have room, we recommend the model below which is for sale on Amazon and which is one of the best electric big wheel scooters around.


Choosing a good scooter is not easy, especially when you don’t really know what they have to offer. The choice will be different depending on your needs, do you prefer a lot of autonomy or do you prefer to be seated while riding? Do you prefer to stay at 25 km / h or do you want to move faster?

Anyway if I had to choose one of the three, I would choose the SXT scooter by its comfort and safety it offers while having autonomy and speed.

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