Sky: Children of the Light App, Review and Gameplay

Sky: Children of the Light Apk – After a long wait finally Sky games: Children of the Light for Android in the release, a game that has very good graphics is indeed worth a look, especially with the theme of life in the sky make this game another from the other, for that, you can download this Sky Children of the

In this game, we will be invited to explore how the life is like a very cool background of games Abis, for that we recommend you use the headset when you play it, so it will feel very soothing music game. Anyway, this game makes you forget the time because you will continue to be invited to explore the world in this game that still saves a lot of mystery.



Surely you will feel confused about what to do in this game when you play this game, we will play the character as a child who will experience the life of the fantasy world, this game prologue long enough that you can enter the actual game.

Sky: Children of the Light has a mission to return stars to the sky, so as to give beauty to the universe, in the mission you run you will meet other players, you can turn on the candles of other players in order to feel the excitement in the games that have been released by this thegamecompany.

In this game, you have seven levels that have to be completed, to complete each level you will be presented some mysteries and to make it easy we will be given the good instructions by interacting with the ancestors and so on so that we can break them and climb to the next level.

For now, Sky children of the Light games use English, so for those of you who are the very minimal vocabulary of this language then it will be difficult to receive instructions to complete the mission, try there sky children of the light discuss Indonesia, surely will increase more fun.

Download Sky: Children of the Light APK

Related to this game has super HD graphics then for those of you who have the HP potato can not play it, besides this game support for Android. 8.1 and above. This game has a 3D view so we can look around, for those of you who are impatiently want to try to play this game then you can directly download via Play store below.

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Minimum specifications of playing Sky Children of The Light

For those of you who feel your smartphone has not supported this game, then you can skip first sky children of the light games from the list of games you want to download, because even if we managed to install it, you can not play it perfectly, because there will be problems such as lag or broken, force close and so on, here is the minimum spec smartphone that you must use.

  • Android is at least 8.1 and above
  • Has 3GB of free storage space
  • GPU Adreno or Mali (Snapdragon, Exynos, Kirin chipsets)
  • 2GB Ram

That’s the specifications of smartphones that you can use to play this game smoothly and without experiencing problems such as lag and gaming.

This Game can only be enjoyed by iOS and PC users only, but now this Android users can already play it and has been officially released on Play Store Indonesia, so if you used to use VPN Coverflow then now you are free to play without additional applications.

How to Play

  • When you first open the game you will play a role as children sky of the light
  • Then you can follow the gameplay tips until you get a wing that you can use to fly and this is where we can start the game or game
  • You can then browse the world in this game
  • Next, you will get a hint of an ancestor and you can turn on the candle to get more clues
  • The point is that you can follow the guide or instructions given during the gameplay.


Overall this game is very good to play, especially accompanied by a soothing music accompaniment so you will feel the game is like a movie. Maybe quite a few reviews that we can give about sky children of The light apk. Happy play.

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