X8 Speeder APK Download Latest Version

X8 Speeder apk is specially designed for those of you game lovers you may not have difficulty in determining which game we want to play, because there are currently a lot of game options with various genres, each game certainly has a different level of difficulty that makes the players have to twist their brains to how to win it, and not a few also choose a shortcut that is by means of cheat.

By using the cheat method, of course, we will get a variety of conveniences, to be able to use this technique there are several applications that we can use such as GameGuardian, Lulubox and which we will discuss this time namely X8 Speeder apk.

Maybe you just heard of this application, because it is still new, but what is certain is that this application works for several games, so it is not surprising that this application is currently looking for it.


What is X8 Speeder?

X8 Speeder is a cheat application that has a function to speed up the game, this application is quite different from others, because if we look at the cheat apk that exists today, usually the application can be used to add diamonds, immune to weapons and so on.

By looking at its function you can select any game that you can use with this application, because not all games in the play store can be played by using this cheat app.

Most of those who want to know this app do not know its real name, some refer to it as 8x speeder, x8 spider and so on. The popularity of this app does beat some other cheat apps. Especially for those who play higgs dominoes and domino island.

App Details

x8 speeder app icon
NameX8 Speeder
Size16 MB
Last updatedAug 01, 2021

Download X8 Speeder APK Latest Version for Android

For those of you who want to try how fun it is to play using this X8 Speeder apk application, then we have provided the file link for you, so you can immediately install and try it.

The experience of playing games with different speeds will make you faster in completing the game in the game you play. We need to admit that there are currently many cheat applications circulating on the internet, but you need to know that not everything works.

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How to Install X8 Speeder APK?

Related this application has an apk format, then the installation method is different when compared to when you install through the app store, more you can see as follows:

  • First you can download X8 Speeder apk above
  • Next we go to settings and select security to enable installation from unknown sources
  • Open the apk storage folder that we have downloaded
  • Then you can start installing the application
  • Wait for the process to finish

By applying the steps as above, the X8 Speeder application is now installed on your smartphone, for how to use it you can see as follows.

How to Use X8 Speeder App?

This application offers convenience for who wants to do a hack or cheat, more you can see below:

  • Open the X8 Speeder app
  • Then you will see some apps or games that are already installed on your smartphone
  • Choose one of the games we want to play through X8 Speeder by selecting “Activation”
  • After that you can select “Install”
  • This app will uninstall the game you have selected and reinstall it using their version
  • Open the game we want to play through this app and determine the speed that we will use in the game
  • There will be this app icon in your game, if you want to use this cheat then you can select the play icon, otherwise you can select pause

That’s how to use cheat in X8 Speeder app, there are many games that you can cheat by using this app.

Games That Support With X8 Speeder

For this type of game that can be accelerated by using this application itself is quite a lot, but among these games, here are some popular games that you can accelerate using x8 speeder.

Soul Knight

The first is a soul knight. Surely you who like to play games are familiar with this game. Besides being around for a long time, this game also includes a lot of players.


The next game of choice is Fate_GO. Playing is a very fun thing, the choice of players today is also very much, so it will spoil every player. If you want to speed up the tempo of this game, then this application you can rely on.


BrownDust is also no less exciting when compared to other games of the same genre. If you are tired of waiting for this game then you can speed it up.

Food Fantasy

You are a person who likes to eat, must be familiar with this game, you can explore this game faster by using this speeder application. There are indeed a lot of apps to get free items and so on. But to speed up the game is very little.

Subway Surfer

Usually kids love this game, the characters who run around from the beginning of the game slowly to quickly. But in order for your speed to increase then you need to go further. Now you can start the game instantly at high speed through the x8 speeder app.

Higgs Domino

Playing dominoes is necessary to think, and sometimes that makes the old opponent in throwing cards. For that you just set this application, then automatically the game will run fast according to the speed that you have previously determined.

Domino Island

Domino game can not only be played through the app, but also using social media applications such as facebook. You’ll take turns waiting for your opponent to throw cards, usually those who are slow to be thrown something by their co-stars.

Instead of waiting for another player for a long time, then you can set the speed of this application, so that it will run fast all the time.

Those are some games that you can cheat or hack by using x8 speeder application. One of the other advantages that this app has is that we don’t need root when we want to use it.

Can’t Login Facebook Higgs Domino After Installing X8 Speeder?

Higgs domino game is a game that has the ease of creating an account, you can login using a guest account or visitors or login by using a facebook account. Of the many that exist on average they use FB.

But the problem is that when we have successfully installed this application we can not log in as usual, for that you can follow the way that we will share this.

  • First you can go to your smartphone settings
  • Then search for the app
  • Select Facebook and clear cache
  • If in this way still can not login then you can delete the facebook application
  • Then you try to login back to the higgs domino game

By applying the above method, then we hope you can connect again with higgs domino by using your facebook account.

In addition to using the above method, you can also login by using your login id. Select the login id menu and enter your password.

How to Remove X8 Speeder Higgs Domino?

If you want to remove this speeding up application for fear of your account being banned and so on, then the way is quite easy, you can follow the steps as follows:

  • First you can open x8 speeder app
  • Select higgs domino then activation
  • In the next menu you can select “Remove Patch”
  • finish.

By applying the steps as above, the x8 speeder no longer exists in the game. So you need to reinstall this higgs domino app.


So in essence this application can only be used in games that have speed in it such as running and so on. By using this application you can speed up the duration of the game because of the speed we use when playing characters in the game.

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