Zolaxis Patcher APK 2.7 Download to Unlock ML Skins

For those of you who want to buy skins in this game, but do not have enough diamonds, then you can try one of the newest applications to unlock mobile legends skins namely Zolaxis Patcher.

Now there are a lot of interesting MOBA games for us to play, but the name Mobile Legends seems very difficult to shift. The presence of new heroes and items makes this game not boring, you can change the skin on the hero you are using to look cooler and have a higher level of damage.

Skin opener application in a game is a term that we have often heard from some existing applications; we have also reviewed some of them, such as IMLS, AG Injector and so on. But unfortunately, the application is no longer updated, so it can be said that it does not work.

Playing using skins or heroes that you have not had time for will certainly provide a different gaming experience when you compare with normal. Want to know more about Zolaxis Patcher app instead, check out our full review this time.


What is Zolaxis Patcher ML APK?

In the online game of course we already know the name of the premium item, to have the item surely we have to pay for it. The currency used in a game varies, there are diamonds, coins and others.

This diamond can be used to buy skins and heroes. Zolaxis Patcher application is an injector menu mod application that has a wide range of functions. In addition to unlocking the skins of all heroes, we can also have heroes, using drone view and others.

Zolaxis Patcher ml can not be played for other games, because it was created specifically for mobile legends games only.

APK Details

NameZolaxis Patcher
Size5 MB
Last updated onAug 01, 2021

Download Zolaxis Patcher Injector Apk Latest Version

Because Zolaxis is an unofficial application, you can not install it through the play store for android users or the app store for iPhone. For that to make it easier for you, then we have provided a Zolaxis patcher apk for those of you who want to try it. Download the app now below.

By using this app, you will get a variety of conveniences, so you can win easily. This is due to the drone view feature in the application.


There are some excellent menus or features that you can apply when playing Mobile Legends games, what are they? Here are more features.

Unlock Skin

This item is quite instrumental in winning, by choosing the right skin then the hero you play will be even tougher. You can unlock all the hero skins in the mobile legends game by using this feature.

Unlock Hero

Heroes in Mobile Legends are different from other games because we can choose heroes according to their role. Whether to be at the forefront, centre or put them behind. You have not had time to have all the heroes in this game, then by using this Zolaxis Patcher you can have it for free.

Drone View

By applying this feature in the game, you can find enemies easily. A broader view allows the hiding enemy to be caught. Usually for this one application is separate, because it does have special features. However, by using these Zolaxis Patcher you will get more benefits.

Unlock Recall Effect

Each hero has a different recall effect, so you can look cooler than you can unlock the recall effect contained in this application.


For those of you who have not had the opportunity to try a certain emote because you have not had time to buy it, then you can try to take advantage of this feature.

By looking at some of the features available as we have explained above, it will certainly be very profitable for you mobile legends MOBA game players.

How to Install Zolaxis Patcher APK on Android?

After you download the apk file above and know the features in it, then if you want to install it on your smartphone, then you can follow some steps how to install it as follows:

  • First, you can open your smartphone’s settings menu.
  • Search for the Security menu.
  • Then you allow installation from an unknown source.
  • Open the zolaxis patcher apk folder and select.
  • Wait for the installation process to finish.
  • Lastly, you just use this app.

By applying the above method, then this application is already installed on your device. To be able to unlock all skins and heroes is also very easy.

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